Juicy Jay's Flavor Rolling Papers ReviewToday’s Juicy Jay’s Flavor Rolling Papers Review is a fun one. Before I ordered my 24 Variety Pack of King Sized Rolling Papers I had never really used flavored rolling papers. I think once in High School some one had a cherry flavored joint that we passed around but I don’t even remember if I even liked it.

Then recently a friend of mine turned me on to Juicy Jay and I just loved it. My buddy pulled out a blue joint and we all started laughing. But, I was blown away when I took a toke. I got a sweet mix of herb and blueberries. So, I ordered the 24 Variety Pack.

Juicy Jay’s Flavor Rolling Papers Review

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers really step your game. Every one loves the taste of  dry herb or tobacco, if you roll your own cigarettes. But when you mix in a nice fruity flavor it breaks up the monotony. And it makes it fun. Seriously, when is the last time a friend handed you a joint and you tasted Green Apples or Mangos? You have probably never had that either. Well, now you can.

Juicy Jay's Flavor Rolling Papers ReviewFor less than $40 bucks you can purchase this great Variety Pack and sample all sorts of fun flavors. The 24 Pack includes 8 different flavors. So, you get 3 of each. And each pack comes with 32 papers. Each pack is individually sealed. This is fantastic for a couple of different reasons. The sealed packs keep the flavors fresh and potent. And it also keeps the flavors from one pack seeping into another pack. The papers have cool fruity designs too that add to the fun.

Juicy Jay only uses soy based ink and natural gum in the manufacturing process. And King Sized is the way to go. That is super. They measure 44mm long. You will want to share. The flavors include Jamaican Rum, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple, Coconut, Green Apple, Honey, Very Cherry and my personal favorite Blueberry.

So, if you are looking to spice up your life and your next diner party, pick up a 24 pack and mix and match different flavors. Variety is the spice of life and Juicy Jay understands that. All the flavors are great. These flavored rolling papers will hook you. And, you will never go back to the boring old days. That is a fact.