Juicy Jays Blunt Wraps Review


I have rolled a whole lot of joints in my 35 years of daily pot smoking. But I never have had a more satisfying smoke than I did with my Juicy Jay Blunt Wrap. I now know why they are touted as the world’s most flavorful blunt wraps. I chose the Black N Blueberry flavour. Still, I was a bit remiss as I so enjoy the taste of marijuana. My fear was that the berries would overpower the natural flavour of my Kush. But much to my delight, the balance was harmonious and really quite satisfying.


Natural Pure Hemp Wrap Heaven

Juicy Jays Blunt Wrap ReviewI am a bit of a health nut. No longer do I eat greasy fried foods or sugar-laden processed. I gave up cigarettes about 5 years ago and now vape eJuice. And I even gave up coffee for tea. Marijuana is a staple in my daily diet. I used to think weed was bad for my health. We now know differently. Cannabis is a miracle medicine that all human beings benefit from.

I vape my weed most of the time. But I really enjoy the occasional smoke. So, I like to find the best possible rolling papers that won’t damage my lungs too much. Juicy Jays Blunt Wraps suit my lifestyle to a tee. They are 100% all natural with none of the chemical additives you find in most commercial rolling papers. Juicy Jays Blunt Wraps contain no tobacco or GMO ingredients.


Grab a 2 Pack and Get Tokin’

You can pick up a 2 pack for around $1.50. They are huge and bursting with flavour. They come in a nice resealable package that keeps them super fresh. Jay also offers 6 different flavours that blend wonderfully with the taste of cannabis. As noted above, I tried the Black N Blueberry. They also offer an all natural Hemp, Mango Papaya and Grape Blunt that I have already ordered and can’t wait to try. I will get you my review as soon as I try them. But for our Juicy Jay Blunt Wraps Review today we give two thumbs up. If you want to mix up your mundane daily routine Jay has got you covered. Toke on my friends!