juicey fruit reviewJuicy fruit is an explosion of tasty tropical savory sensation of sweet and fruity hybrid that will have your taste buds doing the happy dance in a drooling delight. This Thai and Afghani  landrace strains are mix with expertise by the fine people at Sensi Seeds. Juicy Fruit is sativa dominant which make it a great choice for daytime social situations or concerts. This fine herb can be hard to find, but if you are lucky you will definitely blessed. One of my favorite of all times ! This is a happy, uplifting herb and yet very relaxing. My friends and I brought this to a lakeside party last summer. With the music playing and the campfire burning this herb made for a happy hilarious outing. Also I find it has very energetic qualities that spurs me on to get things done. Yard work is no longer a chore if you have Juicy Fruit in store ! Check out this Juicey Fruit Review

Juicey Fruit Review – Happiness

The high from this herb can only be described as euphoric and will last from 2 – 3 hours. Very potent indeed ( 20% THC ), and does not take much to get you to that special place with a head and body buzz. The buds themselves are puffy and coated with frosty trichomes and nice orange red hairs that would make Carrot Top jealous !

Rare Find

On the medicinal side this cannabis is used for the treatment for patients dealing with physical pain, lack of appetite, mood disorders, depression and anxiety. This is due to it’s Sativa qualities. Available mostly in California and Colorado this is very popular and hopefully will be all around every town. I highly recommend this fine hybrid. So if you have a chance to spark up a spliff of Juicey Fruit and treat yourself to the wonders of this spectacular cannabis. I think I might just move to Colorado – good snowboarding !