Jock Horror ReviewJock Horror is anything but horrible. This hybrid is quickly gaining massive popularity for it’s great body high. Quite a rush ! This is due to it’s fantastic blend of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk. With a THC level of 20% this will knock your socks off. A very high energy herb that is great for social situations. I especially like this strain for live music or parties and clubs. Also at the same time a very relaxing and inspirational feeling takes over. This helped immensely as you will see in this Jock Horror Review.

Jock Horror Review

It was cold cold winter of 2016 and hockey was my love. I played left wing for Green Leaf Kings. We were first in our division. This is when the terrible and yes horrible itch appeared. We had reached the final when my crotch was in a constantly state of rankled distress as it were. I could not concentrate because unbeknownst to me I had contracted a most severe case of crabs or as we called them ” Crotch Critters ” I thought my wife Shuga was cheating. I was freaking out. We lost the game because I was trying to scratch.

Crabs on ice

I had dropped my gloves and stick and furiously raking my genitals like a mad man. The ref’s stopped the game and escorted me off the ice. Much to the screams of the crowd and mostly to my embarrassment, my own team mates ! I went out to the car and toked a nice spliff of Jock Horror and thought of the irony. I called Shuga and reassured me she was not cheating. It was then there was a knock on my window. It was the GM who who told me of a security tape. I viewed the tape which revealed the coach in the locker room  with five hookers the night before. One was in front of my locker with my jock on. Thus the infestation. The coach was fired. Now I am the coach do to public embarrassment ! Now Jock Horror helps me deal with the whole fiasco !

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