Jilly Bean ReviewJilly Bean is a wonderful hybrid that is a product of Orange Velvet and Space Queen. Quite a combination I should say in all honesty. Europhia abounds with sense of creativity and motivation. The buds are robust with are and bluish colour. Many spindly red hairs rap around in a bundle of bliss. Jilly bean sparked some imagination as you will see in this Jilly Bean Review.

Jilly Bean Review

I don’t like snow or cold anymore. I live in the tropics now. For a reason. Sometimes I have a few tokes of Jilly Bean and sit under a palm tree and reminisce about my almost demise in the snowy tundra of Canada. The herb helped me to make the change to be in paradise. The first traumatic experience was being caught in a head first wedged head first in a pitch dark snow tunnel. It was 20 below 0. With no one around. Claustrophobic panic overtook me. I managed to somehow scrape myself to the surface.

Helpful Herb

The second time when I was skiing in the Rockies in British Columbia. I was caught in an avalanche. I was buried alive. When the rescuers finally found me I was close to death. I vowed after that that the only ice I wanted to see was in my glass on the beach. So now here I am far away from any cold weather. Everyday I try to have a spliff and sit on beach and think of how lucky I am. I love to write and I feel this herb spawns creativity. Everyday I write something about the the wonders of the wisdom weed. This herb helps me get out of the house and bike around with my laptop and find a nice quite place to toke and write. I like to write indeed as it were for all intensive purposes.