It’s tea time friends. And today we’re serving up a cool Janes Brew Green Tea Marijuana Edibles Review out in the garden. So pull up chair in the shade and take load off with a nice 40 mg THC cup of rich antioxidant healing Green Tea. House of Jane does tea time better than anyone else. It is their passion. And you too will be passionate about their Green Tea after one sip. Moreover, you will really feel passionate after an entire cup. You’re afternoon will take an entirely better direction. 

I am lucky to have friends from England that come visit us once or twice a year. They own a condominium at the same place that we do. It is always fun when they arrive and our first get togethers are almost always inevitably over tea time. It sounds like a joke. But the British really do take tea time seriously. And that is not to say they are the stuffy and snooty type, quiet the opposite actually. They are a laid back surfing couple with 4 dogs. They just like tea and relaxation. And that’s where Jane has changed our Saturday early afternoon get togethers forever. 

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The only difference between the Brits and us is that we prefer cold ice tea and they simply must have theirs hot. I think the habit of dipping the tea bag is what they really like. And they do dip while they chat. Either hot or cold Jane’s Brew satisfies even the most astute tea drinker.

Janes Brew Green Tea Marijuana Edibles Review

One tea serving contains 40 mgs of THC so sharing is probably the best idea. I find that 20 mgs of THC in any type of medical edible is normally more than enough to change my attitude and relieve some of my bodily aches and pains. Green Tea is also super good for your health. So you’re avoiding all the dessert and sugars found in the more popular edibles. Plus Green Tea even fights cancer. I have history of cancer in my family and smoked 1000’s of joints in my career so all the help I can get is much appreciated. Also, the caffeine is great. I take the edge off while detoxifying and energizing my body. What more could you ask for in a happy and healthy life style choice? Not much. Try some today. You can thank me later!