Jambo Honey Buns Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe alarm clock goes off. I brew a pot of coffee and grab a honey bun. What would have been a dreary day has started to turn out just right. Jambo Honey Buns are 50 mgs of day starting gasoline. They use only the finest all natural ingredients in all their products. And I just love the creativity of a breakfast treat to get my THC fix before work. So, let’s take a bite out of today’s Jambo Honey Buns Marijuana Edibles Review.

There are so many new and exciting products coming out each day in the medical edibles world. I love the ingenuity of finding new and fun ways to enjoy marijuana without having to smoke. My lungs are sensitive and my throat is as well. I quit smoking cigarettes. So smoking anything is probably not the best idea for me.

When I smoke a joint I want a cigarette. They unfortunately go hand in hand for me. So edibles are a real solution. Plus who wants lung cancer.I love getting high without smoking. In fact read our article on that very theme right here. https://420.reviews/wonderful-ways-get-high-without-smoking/


Jambo Honey Buns Marijuana Edibles ReviewJambo Honey Buns Marijuana Edibles Review

This is an impressive product from an impressive company. For around $15 dollars you can purchase 3 Honey Buns. The package totals 150 mgs. Therefore, this means each bun is 50 mgs. That is really really strong. Unless you are a daily user or suffer from chronic pain you definately will want to share your bun. You might even want to share it with 4 other people. 10 mgs is enough to get anyone pretty damn high. My suggestion is go slow. Try it on the weekend.

Jambo prides them on consistency. They constantly test THC levels. And it really comes down to what is inside the bun other than THC. Well, all natural and gluten free is where it all begins. There are no GMOs and no High Fructose Corn Syrup. The cashews, almonds and honey are all organic.

Therefore, this is one healthy breakfast for the body and the soul. Enjoy your day!