Jack White Marijuana Strain ReviewA seven nation army couldn’t stop this Jack White Marijuana Strain Review. And why would they want to? If they just put down the guns and picked up this 28% THC strain the world would be at peace. Let’s all get back to the good ole days of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll. No pot smoker I ever met wants to go to war. We all just want to sit around, play guitar and laugh the night away.

I was fortunate enough to drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas in a sweet convertible one summer. Also, I had some money and a big bag of weed. I only had a couple nights in Las Vegas before I had to leave. So I spent the first night at the Paris. It was nice. Then the second night we went to The Hard Rock Cafe. It was great. As a guest of the hotel we got tickets to the show that night. It was The White Stripes.

We went to our room so excited that we were accidentally going to see one of the hottest bands in the world. Well, we got too high and missed the show. But the next day as we were leaving I bumped into Jack White in the parking lot. It was quick. But it was very cool. He is a nice guy. So, to now be smoking his strain makes me very happy.

Jack White Marijuana Strain ReviewJack White Marijuana Strain Review

Jack is an 80% sativa dominant strain that might have you playing guitar solos. That is if the 28% THC level doesn’t have you laying on the floor thinking your actually playing the ballroom at The Hard Rock Cafe.

This is one white strain. Look at this picture. Is that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or what? Jack White is an offshoot of White Widow. The Widow is a world famous potent strain as well. Check out Alejandro’s review right hereĀ https://420.reviews/white-widow-review/. Another THC powerhouse is Ebola which I recently reviewed and you can learn about hereĀ https://420.reviews/ebola-7-marijuana-strain-review/

One very interesting end note is the taste. Jack White sort of tastes like mangos. I have never tasted any weed strain that tastes anything like it. This strain is a lot like my White Stripes favorite album, an Elephant!