jack-the-ripper-review Direct from the fine people at TGA Subcool seeds this scary sounding tart Sativa Hybrid. The name is derived from the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper that terrified London in 1888 has one intense high. Bake awake ? Shake and bake ? Check out this Jack the Ripper Review.

Jack the Ripper Review

Jack the Ripper is for energy, this herb also gets the creative juices flowing and and is perfect for outdoor activities such as the beach or the park. I used this to do a painting job, put the tunes on and enjoyed the day .. was not like work at all ! This Sativa is a mix of Space Queen and Jack’s Cleaner. Moreover any more than a few puffs can make you a space cadet ( psychedelic ). Not for novice smoker’s so moderation is the key, as this can leave the beginner disorientated or paranoid.

THC levels are from mid range to high 15 – 20%. This was TGA’S first Space Queen strain and made High Time’s top 10 list in 2006. The buds are thick with resin a triangular in shape, with a piney, lemon and mango aroma. The taste is fruity with a hint of ginger.


So this also helps lifting your spirits or helping depression also so with anxiety. This strain has many medicinal uses. Most aches and pains can be helped or alleviated along with muscle spasms and convulsions. Great success has been shown in cases of anorexia, glaucoma, migraines, nausea and inflammation.

Genetically altered strains are making leaps and bounds on a daily basis. The innovation of these new companies continue to produce outstanding herbage. Also experimentation with different lineages producing various unique hybrids with special qualities for both a mind,body experience. Jack the Ripper is a fine blend that is also both powerful and euphoric. Moreover definitely one of my favorites and also many of my friends. Highly recommended !

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