Jack Frost won’t be just nipping at your nose with this super strain. Your synapses will be firing on all cylinders. This happy hybrid will also have your body where your brain always wanted to be. This super strain has a 23% THC with a 1% CBD. Let me tell you how Jack Frost will warm your herb heart in this Jack Frost Strain Review.

Jack Frost Strain Review

Jack Frost Strain Review 1Goldenseed has developed a very wonderful improved Jack Frost. This has taken years of working with strains of Northern Lights, Jack Herer and White Widow. Jack Frost is a Sativa dominant with fluffy plump buds. Emanating from this tasty treat is a crisp citrus aroma and woody taste. Quite a few people use this particular strain in medication for anxiety and pain. This is also great for loss of appetite and also for stress. Moreover, this herb is excellent for the uplifting euphoria it presents.

 Jack Frost Strain Review – Happy Herb

I find Jack Frost is great for social events and concerts. This certainly is a happy herb indeed, bringing on euphoria and giggling. I recommend this herb for daytime use. Just a few good hits off the bong will have you three stars from Mars. A heavy stone that can last up to two or three hours. If you happen to grow this outdoors (and of course indoors) in Canada or the United States. In late September is the time you’ll harvest. Both both growing mediums produce a large healthy yield.

One of my favourite strains of all time! Jack frost has helped me personally with anxiety and depression. This has also greatly helped a friend of mine cope with chemotherapy by helping to alleviate nausea and eating. Certainly, I can also attest to Jack Frost’s propensity for bringing on the munchies. Enjoy!