Jack Flash Strain ReviewJumpin Jack Flash, its a gas gas gas. So is this weed. If you cant get no satisifaction just keep reading this Jack Flash Strain Review and that will soon change. This Sativa hybrid is from the Jack Herer genetic pool. They then crossed it with Haze and Super Skunk. So you know its going to keep you satisifed. Hey, you can’t always get what you want. But , if smoke some of this sweet greeen bud, you will be content with whatever it is you do have.

This strain is a real Beast of Burden after you toke off few good hits of the bong you will be screaming Gimme Shelter. I remember Mick Jagger’s first American television interview. It was right after the Beatles conquered New York so there was a huge buzz in the air for the arrival of the Stones. You can Youtube it. Mick Jagger is so stoned it is unmistakable. But at the time no one really knew. It was just a Rock n Roll Star “acting” for the cameras. So, if you want to look like he did that day pick up some Jack Flash and you will be a Rock Star. Trust me.

Jack Flash Strain Review

Jack Flash Strain ReviewIf you’re looking for a productive high this is the stuff. You won’t even need a cup of coffee. Just get up. Take a shower. Take a few hits of JF and head out for a great day. “Start Me Up” should be the motto of this strain. Even more than the energy boost is the happy feeling that hits you within ten seconds of the first hit.

The taste is earthy but sweet. And there’s great citrus overtones throughout the hit. I love the after taste. This bud reminds me of the killer pure stuff we would very rarely get our hands on in High School. As far as Sativas go this is spot on. If you have a stressful life this is perfect for you. You can rid your day of stress, while at the same time being highly productive.

Jack Flash Strain Review – Final Thoughts

If you want some Brown Sugar to make your Ruby tuesday fly by go get some Jack Flash. You shan’t be disappointed. So get off the couch. Toke up and Paint it Black.