Jack Flash will have you jumpin with this gotta have stupendous hybrid. This wonderful hybrid produces a very social high and a physical body high. So it is great for party’s and concerts and listening to your favorite tunes at your next backyard BBQ. Sensi Seeds are responsible for this fantastic mix of Super Skunk and Haze. Jack flash has a mouth watering fruity, spicy flavor which is quite tasty indeed. Moreover this packs a punch with only one or two hits needed to be quite bakedville !jack-flash-review This Indica dominant hybrid with THC levels from 12% to 20 % that won the Dutch High Life Cup in 1998. So this herb induces a elevating euphoric state which you will see only heightened my experience in this Jack Flash Review.

Jack Flash Review

It was about 3 in the morning when I was awakened by a strange whirring sound coming from the back yard. I quickly dressed and took my baseball bat and flashlight and crept slowly into the garden. To my amazement I encountered a metallic 8 ft cube in the middle of the carrot patch. With an hissing noise a door slid open. With jaw dropping awe I watched my old friends Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel and Zukie la Rue step out.


They quickly explained they were time travelers and the cube was their Biokenetic Orbitron Selector. So they told me they traveled back in time because they knew I had some Jack Flash herb. In the year 3043 it was no longer available due to space fungus. Also affected was the quality of pizza due to lack of mozzarella. So we all toked some fine Jack Flash, ordered 10 pizza’s to go, and rolled up a few doobies for the future.


In conclusion I would like to say that Jack Flash is a herb that spurs creativity and focus. Moreover the medicinal features include uses for nausea, fatigue pain ,stress, depression and loss of appetite . Jack Flash as the Rolling Stones say is a Jumpin!