Island Sweet Skunk is out of the Beautiful province of British Columbia with a nice tropical fruity aroma a taste. Also of course Skunk. This fine herb is a product of the Federation Seed Company. Skunk #1 is the the genesis of this great herb. This has a tropical feel to it. You will feel you are on a tropical beach as you will see in this Island Sweet Skunk Review.

Island Sweet Skunk Review

Island hopping is one of favourite pass times. On winter we sailed from the Bahamas to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Stopping at various islands including Antigua, Nevis and Barbuda just to name a few. It really is the most awesome feeling to pulling into these various tropical harbor ‘s  and dropping anchor . 

Beautiful Blond Woman Lying on Sand

Island Hopper

Each Island has it’s unique vibe. It is not very hard to score some Ganja and hit the beach. Most of the time the best food can be found on the beach. So after a few tokes the local chicken and fish tastes awesome. We arrived in Bequia which is stunning small island a short ferry ride from St. Vincent.

We hooked up with some local herb and headed down to the spectacular Princess Margaret Beach. The water was Crystal blue and was great for snorkeling. Later we headed down to the end of the beach to Jack’ Bar. One great bar with friendly staff and great food.

A great place to go for live music on the weekends. I always have a good toke of Island Sweet Skunk before I go. The Island and the herb are out of this world.

Benefits of Bud

This Bodacious bud is great for the treatment Depression, stress, pain, fatigue and headaches. These days more and more people are turning to the natural herb and it’s natural goodness