A top of the morning to you my little leprechauns. Welcome to the Green Isle of green buds. Our Irish Cream Marijuana Strain Review will have you raising a pint of Guinness in appreciation of your new favourite stash. This indica is the “Real McCoy,” literally. Irish Cream is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Real McCoy strains.

No Potato Famine Here, Only Greens

Irish Cream Marijuana Strain Review 1My adventures throughout the south of Ireland led me to Galway Bay and the outlining ancient towns lined with rock walls and small pubs. I was there to drink beer, live the dream and discover my family history. I did that. But much to my surprise, marijuana had become wildly popular among the youth. So, I drank substantially less than I thought I would have. It was my group of three new friends Patrick, Patrick and Paddy that got me into Irish Cream Strain. We vaped day and night. And I can tell you one thing, Irish eyes were smiling. This strain is both relaxing and electrifying at the same time and as potent as the Rose of Tralee.

Irish Cream Marijuana Strain Review

Irish Cream is a heavy indica with at least 27% THC. There are few strains that pack a more potent punch. However, it is not couch locking. You’re more likely to dance the night away to U2. The high is instantaneous and cerebral. The aroma is heavy and sticky with a sweet and earthy finish that will leave you feeling like a four-leaved clover. But tread lightly or you could turn into the Cranberries Zombie. Two hits were enough to cause me to sit at the bar and stare at my Guinness for a half hour. The 3 Pats had downed 3 pints each before I even touched mine.

Everything about Irish Cream is a home run. It really is the Holy Trinity of strains. The threefold emerald gems are power, taste and high. 27% THC is enough to get an elephant stoned. The taste is sweet and earthy, which is a fantastic combination. And the high is both cerebral and bodily. What I really like is that once the high wears off the laughter sets in. And after that, you are left with energy, as opposed to fatigue. Therefore, today’s Irish Cream Marijuana Strain Review get a very big thumbs up! Spark some up today and Kiss me, I’m Irish.