Time to feel like your cheating on your diet in today’s Iris Chocolate Melters Marijuana Edibles Review. But you’re not. This is an all natural and organic hemp rich CBD designed for your well being. 

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Their motto is, “improving lifestyles through wholesome products.” It gets monotonous taking micro pills all the time. So, Melters are a  great alternative choice for daily dosers that use cannabis for strictly health benefits. And Iris is one of Southern California’s best of the best.

There are patients who can not tolerate sugar in their medical regiments but for those who can Melters are great. Also, Chocolate is good for you. So, don’t be fooled by diet groups or quack doctors. There are endless studies that have been done concerning the many health related benefits cannabis provides.

It makes you happy right? And now you can infuse cannabis into that healthy choice.

Iris Chocolate Melters Marijuana Edibles Review

Iris is what is known as a “bean to bar” kind of chocolate maker out of Southern California. The focus is on healing and wellbeing. These are CBD products. That basically means it is not so much a “recreational” edible as it is a true “medical edible. CBD relieves body aches and relaxes the stress without the overpowering affects of THC.

Sensual Blonde Posing in BedChocolate Melters have really great taste. They do a superb job in masking the cannabis flavor by  meticulously infusing hemp rich CBD. This insures dosage correct levels and quality.

Lastly, you no longer need to suffer. Chocolate is the answer. And Iris is here to help.

Of course,  all natural products do a body well. All organic ingredients also do the body well. And CBD does the mind and body a double helping of healing.

Melters are a great infusion into your daily regiment of well being and healing with a delicious chocolate delivery system.

So, eat up. Get up. And enjoy your day.