Ingrid Marijuana Strain ReviewSay hello to Ingrid boys. She is a naughty girl. She packs 31% THC levels. There are very few strains on Earth that boast THC levels in excess of 30%. Even the most the experienced smokers have likely never smoked such a powerful strain. If you want the very best then please continue reading our Ingrid Marijuana Strain Review

My first girlfriend was named Ingrid. She was the first person I ever got stoned with. We were 14 years old. We hid behind the band house of the school and one of the older kids brought us a joint. He lit it up. It was powerful. Then Ingrid clammed up and never spoke a word. I was mildly tripping. Also, I could see light all around my body. I never got that high again.

It wasn’t until I met Ingrid the strain that I recaptured that feeling. The weed back then was very weak. But I was young and it was my first time. I chased that high for decades. Then things changed and the hybrids were born. Ingrid was my first love. But she’s been gone for many years. Now I have the Ingrid Strain. And love is in the air once again.

Ingrid Marijuana Strain Review

Ingrid Marijuana Strain ReviewWhat is not to love about the lovely Ingrid? She is a beautiful and sexy strain . She is powerful, almost too powerful. 31% THC is insane. Moreover this is an indica strain, 75% to be exact. But it doesn’t end there. The 25% sativa is just enough to bring on the laughter. Ingrid really wants you to have a good time. So bust out the bong and get it on. And if you’re looking for a decent bong check out a couple of my bong reviews here. Or you might like this old school bong at this link

Ingrid is the daughter of Royal Cheese and Hash Plant. These two strains are heavy indica powerhouses themselves. Therefore you can be assured total body relaxation. The plant itself is a gorgeous neon green. The odor is pungent and tasty. There are hints of skunk and a bit of a sweet finish.

Ingrid is just the right girl for me. But like most woman, I can only handle her in small doses. Treat her well. And she will take good care of you. Happy Toking Friends.