Indica Sativa 1Here’s one dedicated to all the stoners out there that keep wondering the same thing; What is the difference between an Indica and Sativa strain? More importantly, what is the difference in the way they make you feel and in which setting should you use them?

Firstly, lets talk about Indica, or better yet. “In-da-couch”. This is a simple way to remember that the Indica strain is one that has a relaxing, calming effect to it. This strain will “lock” you to the couch, or bed. Making you feel limber and giving you a splendid body high. Indica is a strain with short, chubby leaves. Providing a high you can feel throughout your entire body and mind. Perfect for a night in, paired with a Netflix marathon and some tasty munchies. Indica also great soothing effects. This is especially relevant for those with disabilities such as anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. As a result, if you have trouble sleeping. Experience constant pains. Or just need a minute to feel relaxed before bed. Than the strain that your looking for is Indica for sure. Someone call for help from the sandman? 😉

Indica Sativa 2Finally, Sativa. My personal favourite strain! Sativa is a definitely a more upbeat type of high. Making the common stoner more aware, focused, and creative. Now Indica is the opposite, which makes it better for night time use. Sativa is better for mornings and afternoons because of the energizing, uplifting effect. It has been shown to improve the cerebral focus of people as well. Sativa’s medical effect is great for reversing the symptoms of ADD, depression, mood disorders, and fatigue. So the next time you have a jam packed day. Going hiking in the woods, swimming in the river, or playing in the snow. Sativa is the strand you’ll want to go with! Because who wants to be a zombie or have no motivation? Phelps and Bolt must smoke Sativa, I’m just saying. 😉