Incredibowl Deluxe Smoking System ReviewThe Incredibowl is just that, incredible. This is not just a bowl however. It’s a complete smoking system. It’s a one hitter. And it’s also a sidewinder. And it’s even a shotgun. Our Incredibowl Deluxe Smoking System Review will showcase why the High Times Cannabis Cup made it winner for “Best Product.”

If you have never been to the Cannabis Cup and you are an avid pot smoker, you need to go next year. There is nothing like it anywhere on the Earth. I have been to Amsterdam a few times. And I always try to plan my trip at the time of the Cup. It is fun to see all the new weed strains. And even more fun to try out all the latest products and technologies.

As soon as I spotted the Incredibowl I knew I had to test it out. So, I did. And I can tell you from personal experience this all in one smoking system is above and beyond pretty much any of it’s competition. The best part is that you can change how you smoke depending on the situation or the amount of people at the party.

Incredibowl Deluxe Smoking System Review

Incredibowl Deluxe Smoking System ReviewFirst of all you will want to know the cost. At $229.99 you really get a whole lot of quality product here. Secondly, it’s pure borosilicate glass. And finally it’s all about the ingenious smoke path. This thing cools off smoke better than just about any other product I have tested.

The construction is 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. It is very durable and will not break. It’s made of shatterproof polycarbonate.

So what do you get? Well, you get the original i420, a pocket sized m420 and all kinds of extras and attachments. Also you get the sweet hard shell case for everything. They also come in many cool colors.

Incredibowl Deluxe Smoking System Review -Conclusion

This is fun. It is functional. Most of all, it does everything you would want a pipe to do.  I think $225 is a fair price. Break it out make an ordinary night “incredibowl.”