IIIadelph Signature Rasta Coil Water Pipe ReviewIlladelpha is one of America’s finest master glassworks company. Based out of Philadelphia, one can see where the name comes from. And if you have $1,800 dollars you can pick up their Rasta Coil Masterpiece today. This is one Hell of a water filtration system. So, let’s do a IIIadelph Signature Rasta Coil Water Pipe Review and see if it is worth the enormous price tag.

I have done many reviews for higher end bongs. I have even done a couple of ludicrously expensive collector items. Check out this $100,000 dollar bong review I did here.https://420.reviews/scott-deppes-gold-encrusted-skull-bong-review/. Or how about a a cheaper bong for $4,000 dollars? Check out my Little Sista bong Review here. https://420.reviews/little-sista-custom-bong-review/

When you put the Rasta Coil up against these bongs it almost seems inexpensive. Well, let’s face it $1,800 is not cheap. But price is not always a deal breaker.  I am willing to pay any amount of money for an exceptional product. I like quality and I don’t like gimmicks. This smoking system has a whole bunch of extras I haven’t seen in other products more or less expensive. So, let’s get into it.

IIIadelph Signature Rasta Coil Water Pipe Review

IIIadelph Signature Rasta Coil Water Pipe ReviewThis signature series Water Pipe is a big deal. Firstly, it is literally big. It stands 21 inches tall. And The Rasta is cool. I mean that literally and figuratively. But let us just look at the literal sense. You have never had cooler hit of a pipe or a bong. Of that I am fairly certain. And that is really what you are paying for here.

It’s their detachable coil condenser. The neck comes apart. It’s filed with Glycerin. You put it in the freezer. When frozen you reassemble and light up. Your smoke needs to travel through a frozen coil. And that’s all Folks!

The glass work is second to none. Also, everything is of the highest quality. There’s an extra thick 14/20 multi-hole slide, 50 by 5mm tubing, 19/22 wall joint, perforated down stem perc, and more. Funny enough they do not include a straight tube extension. However you can purchase that extra for another $180 bucks.

So, is it worth it? Surprisingly I say, “Yes.” Well, that having been said, you better be able to afford the $1820.95. So, if you have the money I would say this is one of the best bongs ever produced. Out of my range. But very very cool.