Idukki Gold ReviewIdukki Gold has also been known by the name of Kerala gold. This is because it comes from the area Kerala in a southern part of India. This a potent yet smooth herb with relaxing yet energetic quality. A sweet mixed herb aroma awaits your senses. This is strain that that is both exotic and ethereal as you will see in this Idukki Gold Review.

I stepped off the train in Mumbai India . My tooth was bothering on the plane so I stopped off at a roadside dental shop. A bearded turbaned local with one tooth welcomed with a handshake and smile. So I sat back and watched the dentist work his magic with foot powered drill and chisel. The only pain I experienced was when a cow backed into Taz Mahatma and the drill caught in his beard and I got pierced through the cheek. I looked in the mirror and a buck toothed puppet head stared back at me. This did not matter though because I was hungry like a starved bear.


I ate different tasty food from 6 different roadside stands and then quickly boarded multi coloured crowded bus to Goa. After about twenty minutes I began to feel ill.  More over my stomach felt like a burning cauldron ready to explode. I ran for the bathroom as the train started chugging along. I tripped over a irate chicken in passage way and broke my nose. Thankfully, I did manage to make it to the bathroom and sit down. I had to hold onto a railing because of the explosion rocketing out of me turbocharged. I toked some Idukki Gold to calm me down. So it was great to get to Goa in one piece despite the Boa Constrictor attack at a refuelling station. The first thing I did was roll a nice spliff of Idukki Gold and took a swim in the aquamarine smooth as glass water. I was where I wanted to be mind, body and soul.

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