Identifying Root Problems In Marijuana Plants is a vital aspect of growing marijuana. To begin, strong root systems support a strong and healthy plant. By identifying root problems in marijuana plants at an early stage. The grower may address the problem immediately and avoid any issues later on down the road.

The strain of the marijuana plant also has a direct effect on the root system. Some strains are more susceptible to root issues than others. Another point to keep in mind are the quality of seeds purchased. Inferior, cheap seeds may develop root issues more so than those that are quality produced. Purchase seeds from a trusted seed bank only!

Identifying Root Problems In Marijuana Plants – Reasons They Occur

While there are numerous issues that may initiate the search for identifying root problems in marijuana plants include temperature. Also the size of the pots. And as well the soil. Check out the following reasons root problems occur!

Over Watering

First off, over watering marijuana plants is a common mistake. However it’s also an easy to avoid mistake. Avoid root problems by practicing proper watering techniques.

Insufficient Water Drainage

Secondly, insufficient water drainage in soil grown plants ultimately leads to the roots drowning. Avoid drowning precious roots by ensuring each plants has sufficient water drainage.

Dense & Muddy Soil

Correspondingly, improper watering techniques and insufficient water drainage creates soil that lacks oxygen. Soil should be soft and airy. As soil that lacks oxygen can not fully support growing roots.

Extreme Temperatures

Marijuana roots will experience issues when grown in extreme temperatures. Keep root temperatures comfortable.

Frigid Temperatures

Whereas frigid temperatures will have adverse effects on the precious root system. Since the cold temperatures will cause the roots to wither.

A Large Plant In A Small Pot

A large plant confined to a small pot is what’s known as “root bound”. When a plants roots have nowhere to grow, the plant will begin exhibiting root problems. With this in mind, transfer the plant to a larger pot to suit the growing plants needs.

A Small Plant In A Large Pot

While a small plant, or seedling, should be grown in a pot suitable to the plants size. Small root systems can not thrive in large pots as the roots do not have access to the oxygen needed.

Hydroponic Systems

Lastly, hydroponic systems can be a tricky system to master. As the roots are grown in water, there may be a lack of oxygen available. As well the root system may not get the opportunity to dry out properly.

Identifying Root Problems In Marijuana Plants – Symptoms

Foul smell present in visibly brown roots.

Leaves are curling and sagging.

Leaves are yellowing.

Brown spots are present on leaves.

Leaves are falling.

Leaves are red/pink.

Edges of leaves are burnt.

It should be noted, that marijuana plants may never thrive again until the root problems are addressed and dealt with. After the issue with the roots has been addressed. Ensure that the time is taken to watch the plant and the new leaves growing. The new leaves should be lively, strong and also lush. As this positive growth reassures that identifying root problems in marijuana plants has been properly addressed.