Iced Grapefruit Marijuana Strain ReviewThis is one of the more unique strains I have tried in a long time. Our Iced Grapefruit Marijuana Strain Review looks at a very strong and tasty bud that is long lasting and has great medical value. The name alone intrigued me. I love the taste of grapefruit. Even the idea of a frosty or iced grapefruit drink was enough to pique my interest. Truth be told, one does not have to do much to get me excited about a strain I have yet to have tried. Nonetheless I was excited. And I was not let down.

I live on a beach so it is not out of the norm for me to be sipping on a frozen mojito, a pina coloda right out of the pineapple or a coco loco straight from the coconut. Therefore the idea of an iced grapefruit sliding down my throat was not much of a stretch. Although, it should be noted that grapefruits are very hard to come by on this island. Hence, my interest became multifold.

I had heard about this strain the night before so I packed up a couple vaporizers and headed down to our private beach spot. I decided to bring my DaVinci IQ and my Hero Go. The reasons being that I wanted portability and discretion.

I have actually done reviews for both. You can read my DaVinci review here Or check out my Hero review here Both are perfect for the beach. And in my humble opinion two of the best on the market today. And I ought to know. I have dozens. But this review is about the weed. And Iced Grapefruit is a good one.

Iced Grapefruit Marijuana Strain ReviewIced Grapefruit Marijuana Strain Review

I’m not sure how much vitamin C this bad boy packs. But the THC levels are a crazy 24%. The sativa and indica split is almost equal. Sativa edges out indica by 10%. That’s a really nice balance. This strain is the result of cross breeding Diesel and Chronic and Skunk. As you may know, these are three legends. So, now we have a new member of the group. Welcome, Iced Grapefruit.

Power is the name of the game here. But it doesn’t stop there. The taste is awesome. You will feel super sweet and skunky aromas each and every exhale. And the taste stays with you. I love that as much as I have loved doing this Iced Grapefruit Marijuana Strain Review.

So, if you suffer from headaches, muscle spasms or chronic pain worry not my friends. You are in good hands with the Grapefruit. I would only recommend this strain to the serious user or for medical purposes. It is very strong. Also, make sure you’re sitting on a beach with a cold drink and the Boss is far away. And Enjoy!