Ice is a very relaxed happy Indica herb. When you combine the likes of Afghan, Northern Lights, Shiva, and Skunk together, superb is the only word. I proceeded to be contently couch locked after a couple of tokes. This is a powerful strain and novices should use caution because of a heavy head high this produces. I would recommend this for evening time or a day off of laziness. Also Ice produces big hunger so keep plenty of snacks around. I forgot one time and ended up eating a pound of lard covered in maple syrup !¬† Moreover the buds themselves look like tiny snow capped mountain’s with their frosty covered trichomes. A earthy skunky aroma emanates from these bodacious beautiful buds. Let me tell just how relaxing this herb is in this Ice Review.

Ice Review Ice Marijuana Strain Review

I had the privilege to accompany some of my friends who are botanists to the jungles of the Amazon. They were there to study the abundant flora and possibly discover a new species. This was my first time in the jungle and the sights and sounds were amazing. There was also an element of danger with snakes, spiders and man eating cats. I helped as best as I could without getting in the way. I had brought a nice bag of Ice weed with me. One night we all sat around the campfire and toked copious amounts of Ice and listened to the sounds of various animals and insects of the jungle.

Jungle Jive

It was was very trippy. So after a while I wandered off to take a piss and got lost. The next thing I remember was waking up an hour later in a tree. I had fallen asleep with a group of three toed Sloths. That’s how relaxed the herb had made me. They had found my stash and had eaten some also and were smiling at me. In the morning I very slowly made it to the jungle floor and ate some grubs for breakfast. I was famished. Yes quite an adventure I will soon not forget.

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