Ice Cream Marijuana Strain ReviewDing-a-ling-a ling. It’s your Ice Cream Man. And boy do I ever have a treat for the kids today. Today’s special is an Ice Cream Marijuana Strain Review. Just pop some of this Indica dominant strain in a cone(paper) and turn a hot day into a walk in the park.

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? It happens to be my favorite “munchie” treat too. I get terrible throat hits. So, when I am toking on some super buds nothing is better than ice cream to sooth my throat. I actually worked in an ice cream factory one summer. It’s how I bought my first car, a 78 Mercury Marquis. The thing was a tank.

Anyway we got stoned every morning. As a result, I ate a ton of ice cream that summer. I ate so much in fact that I didn’t touch ice cream for almost 10 years after I quit. Thank God my love for the cold stuff finally came back. And now as an everyday smoker I need ice cream

Ice Cream Marijuana Strain Review

Ice Cream Marijuana Strain ReviewIce Cream is a well balanced hybrid. The 60/40 split of Indica and Sativa is great. And the THC levels are a powerful 19%. You are pretty much going to feel like a little kid at the ice cream store after a few hits of this stuff.

You are probably wondering about the taste. Well, let me tell you it was worth the wait. This is a delectable strain. The taste is a like a combination of candy and ice cream. So, it’s very sweet. Also the aroma is sweet. So, it’s a delightful combo.

The high is superior. It fluctuates back and forth from body and mind. It starts off with heavy cerebral relaxation. Then it moves through the body slow and numb. Then you find yourself euphoric again. The process continues in a sweet little dance that makes the user feel magnificent.

It almost goes without saying that Ice Cream is also wildly popular in the medical field. It covers both mind and body issues. Although very effective it may not be too popular among the elderly as the high is too potent. But aside from Grandma and Grandpa, everyone else loves the Ice Cream Man.