Hydroponics vs Soil; Water Wins

We have dug deep into the archives here at 420 in an attempt to discern the age old question of how to best maximize your cannabis harvest. To our surprise new technology has shown that Hydroponics vs Soil; Water Wins. One might immediately assume that after thousands of years of cultivation in soil that traditional methods would be so refined that the hydroponic approach wouldn’t stand a chance. However that is not the case. Water wins! Let us then take a look at some of the reasons why, shall we? There’s much to be learned.


Time is of The Essence

Time is money. Hydroponic growing is far less time consuming than gardening on many levels. Anyone who grows crops understands the intense time that is consumed tending and growing successfully. When you are dealing with Mother Nature, so many things are working against you. The time of year and weather can destroy months and even years of hard work. (Ouch!) That is the nature of growing outdoors. Indoor growing by definition rectifies any anomalies.

Once you perfect the nuances and rules of hydroponic growing you can see your crops come to fruition in about half the time. If you are growing, you are probably selling and so, as is always the case, time is money. One can easily imagine what this means to your bank account. For example $300,000 is a whole lot better than making $150,000. You get the picture. At least I hope you do!


Space the Final Frontier

Space is very important. The more space you need the harder you need to work, the more money you need to spend and the more time you lose. So, it turns out space is time and money as well. Outdoor and soil crops require enormous amounts of space. Another thing to consider is crop rotation. Any farmer is well aware of the necessity of crop rotation. What does that mean in layman terms? Well, you need 4 times the land than actually nets crops. You have space that is fertile this year but can not be grown on next year. So you move. You alternate between usable space and space that needs time to become fruit bearing.

Indoor and hydro growing is far more efficient space-wise. Outdoor crops need their own space to grow healthy, strong and big. Root systems need to spread out below the Earth’s surface. This is not the case in water. Water wins again. Your crops can be tightly packed in a nutrient rich water solution that optimizes output. One such trick is Vertical Stacking. Try that outside. Its implausible. So, pack ten times the amount of flowers in a very small space and reap the benefits. Once again we can easily see that Hydroponics vs Soil Water Wins.


Its All About Water

We have seen that water is the way. It creates bigger and more fruitful harvests faster, more profitably with far less space or chemicals. But that’s not all folks. Hydroponics is all about water. Yet, ironically, hydroponic farming actually uses far less water than soil crops. Sounds strange. But oh, tis true. Soil crops require enormous amounts of constant watering to produce gainful yields.

Hydroponic farmers have many systems and tricks to, not only save but better use water, methods such as Deep Water Culture and Nutrient Reservoir Recirculation. These methods maximize water usage, leaving very little waste. Outdoor crops get a very small percentage of the actual water due to evaporation, soil penetration and many other issues.

The reservoir method is incredibly efficient. The plant sucks up the needed nutrients while the rest of the water simply gets saved in the reservoir. That makes sense. This indoor technique eliminates evaporation, the number one cause of water loss and over usage. The water left over is still nutrient rich and usable. And we’re talking for weeks at a time. The result is that the hydro approach ends up using 90% less water than the soil approach. Our Hydroponics vs Soil Water Wins Blog is starting to really make a lot of sense.

Better For You, Better For the Planet

Working indoors is far less stressful mentally and physically. Digging and bending over all day is not good for your back. Also the amount of hard labor is exhausting. Moreover, there are endless ways to injure yourself with one of the many tools, rocks and elements of weather. Then there’s the creatures. Many creatures are harmful both to you and to your crops. Some insects can infect your crops and destroy your harvest. Also you can harm the ecosystem and creatures with your growing chemicals. So it goes both ways. Forget weeding and toiling long hours. And forget about pesticides and dangerous chemicals that are bad for your health and the health of our only planet.

Let’s move inside and see how harmful hydroponically growing crops is for your health and our environment. The short answer is that hydro has almost no negative side affects and in fact numerous benefits. No soil, no seeds, no pests, no inclement weather and no unknown factors impede your crops indoors. The real deciding factor here is control. You have complete control over temperatures and conditions. This basically guarantees a successful and predictable crop yield time and time again with very little room for error. Soil also holds the risk of disease both for you and your crops. So save yourself and the planet and move it inside.


Master of Your Domain

Perhaps the paramount reason to use the water method as opposed to the soil is, in a word, control. You really have control. It’s nice that you’re concerned about the environment and your own health. But what are we really talking about? We’re talking about weed, production and profits. You want to grow pot and lots of it. And you want to make money. How does any successful business make money? It’s simple. You keep costs down and production up. Hydroponic rules when it comes to this simple principal. And the reason is control.

Again we need to rehash the differences between indoor and outdoor cannabis production. Basically indoor and hydroponic give you 100% control and eliminates endless nightmare scenarios. Farmers from all walks of life could fill you with endless and woeful stories of lost crops and lost wages. Why? Well, the climate changes without warning and doesn’t care about your plans or what conditions may or may not be ideal for you. A frosty night can kill an entire crop in minutes. Heavy rains can wash out miles of crops in an instant. Pests, insects and animals can eat destroy or infect crops. And the list goes on. Not the case in your basement. You can consistently monitor and control temperature, nutrition and water, making for an almost fail safe crop each and every harvest day.

Hydroponics vs Soil Water Wins

Water wins. That is the bottom line. Moreover, you get to be the mad scientist. You get to be a successful businessman or woman as well. And you will be successful. Because your clients can depend on you each and every time to deliver consistent and high quality products. Hydroponic cultivation is easy. You can watch one of the thousands of DYI videos on Youtube and get started tomorrow. So, no worries if you live in the snowy ice lands of Canada or the arid and dry south. You can now grow like a pro. Water wins!