Humboldt Vodka Marijuana Edibles ReviewInvite your Russian friends over guys. It’s vodka night. And nobody knows Vodka better than a real Russian guy abroad. I know I have a group of friends from Moscow. They loved my¬†Humboldt Vodka Marijuana Edibles Review. So they ordered a case of 750 ml bottles. That’s a whole lot of cannabis infused Vodka comrades. Everyone was knocked out by midnight. But not those crazy Russians. They were still doing shots when I crawled out from under the couch the next day at 1030 AM.

I can only hang out with them once a month. They party so hard that after a Friday night with them, I am usually incapable of leaving bed before Monday morning. But Not Ivan and Kris and Boris. These guys are Vodka connosseurs. I love Vodka. And although I am a beer drinker at heart occasionally I like a drink. And if I am having a drink it’s Vodka.

I love lots of things about vodka. Firstly, no beer belly. Vodka has virtually not calories, fat or sugar, just pure 80 proof alcohol. Secondly, it does not contain any extra harmful chemicals, as do almost all other alcohols. Add some cannabis and you just created the world’s best booze, Humboldt Vodka.

Humboldt Vodka Marijuana Edibles Review

This is one of the most innovative products I have ever had the joy to try. I think my favorite aspect is that I can kill two birds with one stone. The days of rolling joints and packing pipes while mixing beverages is now behind me. And I have the good folks at Humbolt to thank.

I also enjoy the discretion. I keep the bottle in my bar. The kids and the wife are none the wiser if I pour my self a shot. I get the slow burn and drinking buzz as the marijuana slowly creeps into the picture. I love Humbolt Vodka. In fact I cant think of any other product that I have tested for review that I enjoyed more. And I have tested hundreds of edibles. If you like to drink and get stoned Humbolt is your new one stop shopping.