Alcohol has been King for many decades while cannabis has been wickedly vilified. That is all changing. If you have been wondering how the cannabis industry affects alcohol industry you have come to the right place. The effects are as far stretching as the reasons.

The alcohol industry has secretly been lobbying against cannabis legalization for decades. Of course, they have, look at the amount of money they make selling poison and how much they are already losing to cannabis, a real healing plant. The differences are astronomical. The industry effects are too. But first, let’s look at the effects of each on human beings.

How Alcohol Affects Human Beings

Alcohol has many effects on the human body. The noticeable effects are quick, calming and create a relaxing state of euphoria. This is why most people drink. A couple of alcoholic beverages makes the average person feel good and removes stress and inhibitions. This is why 90% of people drink. It opens up the social door. People start talking and laughing and enjoying themselves. But this is only after 3 or 4 drinks.

These positive effects are undeniable. However, these “good feelings” are the result of the alcohol shutting you down. By that I mean, what the person is really experiencing is an actual sort of poisoning that while hurting your body creates side effects that feel good. You are actually becoming impaired. Your motor skills and reflexes are slowed down. Judgement, coordination and memory are clouded. This is why you feel “good.”

You are physically incapable of realizing that you are losing control of your nervous system. It is actually quite scary and dangerous. The more you drink the more the negative effects grow. This leads to all sorts of cancers, dependency, depression and eventual and inevitable death. That’s fun, no? No, it isn’t. Ask any alcoholic if they really want to be a drunk or would they rather quit. 99% will say they want to quit the drug they think they “love.”  

The truth is that in the end, alcohol damages just about every part of your body. It destroys your liver and every other organ. Along with this, your brain suffers horribly. Alcohol is poison, plain and simple. The very short term “positive effects” do not outweigh how deadly and life-destroying alcohol truly is.

Effects of Cannabis on Human Beings

Cannabis is the exact opposite of alcohol in just about every way imaginable. Whereas alcohol wreaks havoc on the body, cannabis is healing, all natural plant. It is good for the body in endless ways. Human beings are wired for cannabis usage. Our bodies actually have an endocannabinoid system. When cannabis is ingested it adheres to our cannabinoid receptors and makes positive changes in our body and in our minds.

The effects are astoundingly positive. Cannabis has been vilified for decades to the point of it is not only illegal to use but even illegal to study. This, of course, is due to a very aggressive anti-cannabis campaign backed by the big alcohol industry lobby.

The two major active chemical compounds in cannabis are THC and CBD. Both have remarkable healing effects. But they act on the body in different ways. THC is the psychotropic compound that gets you high. And CBD is the other compound that has incredible medical properties. Both make the user feel euphoric and relaxed. And both heal. They work with the body to reduce stress, inflammation and anxiety while at the same time enhancing one’s mental wellbeing. So, unlike alcohol cannabis is real medicine and a natural miracle. And finally, this is coming to light. So, how is this affecting the alcohol industry?

How Cannabis Industry Affects Alcohol Industry

The effects of the cannabis industry have been quick and very impactful on the alcohol industry.  In 2017 Canada legalized cannabis throughout the country. Alcohol sales topped 5 billion. And cannabis accrued nearly 7 billion dollars eclipsing alcohol sales. That kind of competition displays an enormous shift in the market. As in the States, marijuana has yet to be “normalized” due to the residual stigma from years of having been deemed evil and illegal.

In the USA cannabis sales overtook the retail markets where legalized. Colorado was one of the first States to legalize cannabis sales. From 2014 to 2017 sales overtook that of alcohol and all other retail items. The city of Aspen alone saw saws in excess of 10 million dollars. Most importantly, alcohol sales fell 15%. This drop in sales is not only in Aspen, Co. This 15% drop is the same in all cities that have legalized marijuana.

The case is clear that the alcohol industry is heavily affected by the cannabis industry. This is a good thing for everyone except for the alcohol industry. The time of these poison peddlers is on a heavy decline. And the wellbeing of the public is shifting rapidly due to cannabis. Now that many States are passing laws to legalize cannabis recreationally, it will be interesting to see what happens to overall alcohol sales in 10 years.