Somethings Brewing

Hot Coco Marijuana Edibles ReviewIt’s a cold November afternoon. What could make this a perfect afternoon? How about a delicious hot cup of coco? Oh, yea. And how about infusing 100mg of high grade cannabis into that cup? Oh yes again!. Well, the focus of today’s Hot Coco Marijuana Edibles Review. I can’t think of better way to relax after raking the leaves and putting on my favourite sweater. Get ready for the best autumn of your entire life.

My Mom used to make the very best hot chocolate. Even as an adult in my 20’s we would go over and request a big pot of her special brewed hot coco. Nobody did it better. We would shovel her driveway and she was happy to fulfill our needs. But that was before she got sick. Her pain was more than she could handle. Medical edibles did not exist back then sadly. So she turned to crystal meth for relief and declined rapidly. I never even knew. Although I could see the terrible change in her.

What I never knew until after her untimely death was that while I was drinking my sweet coco, she was in the backroom having sex with all my friends. It turns out she was a gang banger. She would get it on with 6 or 8 of my friends at one time just to get free meth. It was a sad ending to beautiful life. If only Pot O Coffee was around she would still be here making me coco. But alas, it was not to be.

Hot Coco Marijuana Edibles Review

So what is this delightful offering from Pot O Coffee? Well, to put it simply its the best damn cup of Hot Coco on planet Earth. They start with rich, natural cocoa beans and brew in sweet sugarcane. Then they infuse ultra-clean cannabis. This means chocolate flavour, rich and deep. Moreover it masks the hint of cannabis taste that so often ruins a good edible.

100mg of THC is  high dose. I suggest pouring 3 or 4 cups and testing the strength slowly. 30mg is more than enough to ease your pain or put a smile on your face that will last throughout the evening. Hot Coco is uses only all natural ingredients. Also, Hot Coco is available in cups or filter pods. That is fantastic. You can use your very own coffee machine. Simply pop in pod and in 30 seconds start enjoying great tasting healthy medicine.