What is Hot Boxing you ask?, my old beloved past time with friends. Hot boxing is a very social event, its best with a group of friends, and multiple joints/blunts being passed around! Who else remembers the excitement of prepping for a hotbox? For me, hotboxes were generally done in the bathroom. But there are lots of other places to hotbox. We will discuss some more ways next! Also, if you want some great ideas on Weed Etiquette we have a great article!

Hot Box Your Vehicle Girls High On Sofa Smoking Cannabis

What comes to mind first when you ask yourself “What Is Hot Boxing“? For most I think it would be a smoke filled car. Rolling down the windows and smoke quickly escaping out, finally able to see inside you find some “Cheech and Chong” stoners. Grinning from ear to ear.

Vehicles work great because they are a small confined place that’s convenient to sit in and smoke with friends. But it also the carries the most heat. If you are going to hot box your car do so when you’re parked and there is no chance a cop will be pulling you over. Your vehicle will reek for sometime after!

Hot Box Your Bathroom

My personal favourite. We used to always take it up another notch by turning the shower on, with hot water flowing. Now, you have a Hawaiian hot box. You do not need to turn the water on, it’s just an added bonus! It might be a good idea for you to put a towel along the bottom of the door. This will help smoke from escaping. (And if you want to be a little discrete!)

Another note for Hawaiian hot boxing, is that it gets hot in there,  and sometimes you may feel dizzy. If this happens, sitting on the floor is a great place to regroup if it gets to be too much for you in there!

What Is Hot Boxing In A Tent? 

Girl Smoking Red Green Light

You need to be cautious when hot boxing tents. Tents can be very flammable, so it is best to be a little more careful while you are smoking in one! You know what is great about hot boxing a tent? Once you are finished and feeling good, take off that outer tent cover. Enjoy laying back in your now open hotbox staring up at the starry night sky. Enjoy!

There is a scary fact behind why hot boxes get you so ripped. The unsettling fact is that by smoking in such a confined tiny place, you are cutting off fresh oxygen…And your breathing in a whole lot of cO2. Hence the light headed, buzzed affects.

So now you know “What Is Hot Boxing”, awesome! Please remember that while hot boxes are a hoot, frequent ones are not necessarily good for your health. One tip you could easily use to see if there is any fresh oxygen in your hot box is to have a candle burning in there with you. If the flame goes out…There is no oxygen and its a real safe bet to open a window!