hot-box-whip-style-vaporizer-review-3Welcome my friends to today’s Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer Review. These Hot Boxes Rock. The Custom Prints really make them cool, unique and fun dry herb Hot Boxes. This is not a new product. But they are a classic.

You probably have one in your collection. But, with new improvements and killer custom designs, it may be time to upgrade. If you have never had a Hot Box let me explain to you what it is exactly, how it works and if it’s worth purchasing one.

Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer Review

As you can see there really is nothing quiet like this on the market today. This is a quality dry herb vaporizer that uses the whip method that so many of us love. There are no gimmicks here. This bad boy might look super cool but do not be fooled. It is designed with the vaping connoisseur in mind.

The Hot Box is more or less a mini-desktop vaporizer. It vapes really well and holds the flavor of your herbs nicely. Although, it is a solid product, the bigger more expensive desktops perform at a higher level. But, consider this, The Herbalizer or The Volcano are going to run you around $600 dollars. A Hot Box will cost you around $220 dollars. With that in mind, The Hot Box is certainly worth taking a look at. Also, go to their website, they have standard finishes for much cheaper, around $100-140 dollars. But come on, who doesn’t want a custom ride ?Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer Review

What is it ? How does it Work?

First of all, these guys have been doing this since 2001. That is longer than any other major brand name that I know of, that are still producing the same product. The focus is on simplicity. There are no temperature controls or digital read outs. Much of the time, those things lead to complicating what should be a relatively easy and fun process.

The draw controls the temperature. It’s that simple. Makes sense to me. So, turn on your Hot Box, wait 5-10 minutes and start vaping. Usage is simple and cleaning is fast. You do have two vaporizing options. There is the standard glass connection model or a hands free option depending on your personal preference.

This is vaporizing at it’s simplest. I find I like to keep my Hot Box to myself. I have had my original for going on 9 years. They do offer a nice warranty of 5 years, just in case.

Conclusion – Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer Review

Hot Box Whip-Style Vaporizer ReviewIs the Hot Box for you? Well, let ‘s look at the pros and cons and decide, shall we? The pros easily outweigh the cons here. If you are a serious vaper then you will enjoy this model. Although, you might need something a bit more expensive if you like to entertain your family and friends.

The price is right. The standard designs can be picked up for around $100 dollars and the custom models for around $200. The construction is solid, as is the overall quality and vapability. I like the simplicity and lack of buttons and dials. You may not. This depends on the individual. Many of my friends like to play with temperature settings. And, it does take a long time to heat up.

All that having been said, The Hot Box is a sweet little dry herb vaporizer and a great value. I always feel as though any half decent vaporizer for under $200 dollars is worth the purchase.  In Conclusion, I give the Hot Box a Double Thumbs Up!