Hook Razorback Bong ReviewAre you looking for an elegant and functional bong that you can afford? Then you can’t afford not to read our Hook Razorback Bong Review. This sexy Razorback is that bong. For only $41 dollars you can enjoy one of the smoothest smoking experiences possible.

I have tried dozens of bongs over the years. And have reviewed dozens more. So, I can honestly say that some of the best bongs on the market today can be purchased for less than $100 dollars. Mostly, you do not need to spend a fourtune on a bong to get a quality product. I know. Because I have a few. And this Razorback Hook is a great example.

I recently reviewed a bong costing almost $4000 dollars. And although I can say it was a great bong, it was more about the look than the actual functionality. A bong is a water filtration system. It is that simple. If it works thats great. If it looks awesome but doesn’t cool of your sweet greeen buds then what is the point? The Hook costs $41 dollars. It looks bad ass. And it works.

Hook Razorback Bong Review – Specs

Hook Razorback Bong ReviewFirst of all, this is one of the tallest Bongs I have seen in long time. It is a whopping 20 inches tall. What does that mean? Well, every inch of pathway equals cooler smoke going in to your lungs. That is simple math.

The weaving and accending hooks make it super sharp. It is easily a bong for any collector. It really stands out. Just look at the picture. You want one. Of course you do. So do I. The glass is solid and thick. And the black accents are understated but gorgeous.

Hook Razorback Bong Review – Bottom Line

The botton line is this, a good bong does not have to cost a fortune. Try the Razorback Hook. You will be happy. I am. If you don’t like it I will personally refund your money. OK, that was a joke. I’m a little stoned. I love this Bong.

You can find the Razorback here at marijuanapackaging.com. Enjoy.