Homemade Watermelon Bong Review

It is my favourite time of year and my favourite holiday. Happy 4th of July to all you potheads out there. We could care less about the politics or Trump’s military parade. The reason that we love the 4th of July is because it officially kicks off summer. 

We have a big BBQ pool party every year. And one of the highlights and oldest traditions we have is the Homemade Watermelon Bong. Those pictures usually don’t make it on to Facebook. In fact, we actually encourage our guests to take pictures before we bust out Wally. Now you too can invite Wally to your next get together. If you want to pimp out your summer bash, go buy yourself a big watermelon and read the following blog. We guarantee there will be fireworks in your backyard.

Summertime is the right time for having fun. One of my favourite discoveries was the fact that you can make bowls and bongs out of fruit. There is no more enjoyable way to revel in some good weed with great friends. And the king of these fruits is easily the watermelon. Fruit is a great natural alternative way to smoke pot. By using fruit, you are avoiding all the extra and unneeded chemicals and dangerous additives associated with burning rolling papers. Best of all, watermelons are surprisingly inexpensive. I bought an enormous one, the biggest in the Supermarket for $5 dollars. You would think the weight and size alone would drive the price up. But who am I to analyze the economics of the fruit and vegetable industry.

Homemade Watermelon Bong ReviewIf You Build it They Will Come

Allow us to walk you through the simple construction process. Here is the easy step by step. Cut a mouthpiece on one side (generally the top but down a few inches toward yourself.) Cut in the shape of a wedge. Pop it out with your knife then save the cut out for later. On the opposite side about 45%  or so, angle 2 skewer sticks deep to center where the bottom of your hollow body will be. 

On the side where the wedge was made, dig straight into the center of the watermelon. Then turn the watermelon around and pull out the 2 sticks. Take one of the skewers and grab that wedge we told you to save from the mouthpiece cut out. Use the skewer to drill a hole into and through the center of that wedge. Now grab a peering knife and whittle off the red and make a nice clean cap. Squeeze the cap back into its original space. You’re done.

Now grab a nice little bud and insert it into the skewer hole in the cap. And finally spark that Wally up! You will be amazed at what a wicked hit you get. Not only is the hit ferocious, it’s actually cooled off by the wet fruit inside the melon. Moreover, you get an excellent citrus blast flavour on top of the natural flavour of the strain you’re smoking.

Back to the Backyard BBQ

After you’re “stonage” starts wearing off and you get the munchies, you will have that bowl of sweet watermelon that you hollowed out. You can also cut off the ends until you get close enough to the center that the red meat turns black from the smoke. You will be very happy when you discover that over 80 percent of the watermelon is still edible. Thanks to the Homemade Watermelon Bong you are going to be so happy and so high. So, be careful with those fireworks. That is something best left for the kids to take care of. You stick by the beer cooler and the BBQ. Enjoy your Independence Day and say Hi to Wally for me!