Let me attest this fine Hybrid herb can only experienced by those that have had the pleasure of partaking of this trippy outstanding groove. in this Holy Grail Kush Review – Highly Recommended ! you will see you have found the Holy Grail !This is almost a Valentine of hit after hit of a outstanding loving high. What more can I say? Well let me tell you my friends.  This is amongst the most sublime and precious and gregarious mixes that has ever been encountered by human beings of this planet ! I cannot speak of aliens from afar. But my Cuban , Mexican and Jamaican friends dig this mix big time ! Holy Smokes could be the name this fine mix of  #18 OG Kush and Kosher Kush. From a low down 20 %  to a highly high of 24 % THC this Holy Grail Kush  truly is the fantastic fantabulous find. You have been searching for this allusive treasure have you not ? let’s now take a look and justify the beauty of these bangin buds !Holy Grail Kush Review

Holy Grail Kush Review – Highly Recommended !

Holy Grail Kush is a hybrid from DNA genetics which has strong dominant Indica value. Moreover it is both relaxing with a exhilarating feeling of euphoria. In not to much time though you can mellow out on the couch or bed and catch forty winks or forty two if you so desire. Or maybe float down the Amazon river if you happen to be in Brazil.

Mellow Mood

The Buds are a nice deep green with a rich aroma like fresh cut grass in a pine forest at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The taste is like Pine needles stirred in your cup of coffee. From the west coast comes the Holy Grail Kush from Canada to California this is a fine relaxing herb. You can buy or grow this and it will make any day pass like never before. A friend told me he felt like he was floating in a giant bowl of grape Jello . Now if you ask me , that’s mellow and highly recommended.