High In Public 1Restaurant’s and stoners. Peas in a pod right? We all know how hard the munchies can hit… and when they do they hit HARD. When you are completely out of food, at least appealing food, what do you do? You go out to eat. And oh boy can this be an ordeal.

Personal experience time: We had planned on sitting at home all day, relaxing after a week of working. Instead, we found ourselves with the munchies and no food in the house. We were told that there was this great Mexican food joint just down the street us. So we decided to save gas and take a nice walk. This may have been the longest, hottest walk ever seeing as how it was in the low 90’s at that point.

High In Public 2We got into the nice air conditioned restaurant and got our menus which might have well been a novel. It took us a solid 20 minutes just to decide what we wanted. Also we needed to convince ourselves our eyes were most definitely bigger than our stomach. While waiting for our food, we conversed about just how colourful this restaurant was. I mean, I’m talking about Mexican colourful level here. Lots of good feelings were being emitted from the walls of this mostly empty restaurant.

Our food arrives and we only get half way through it before the laughing started. Oh the dreaded laugh attacks. This one lasted me about 10 minutes, what was I laughing about? I don’t remember, I was having a good time and it has completely slipped my mind. We were finally able to get under control and finish eating. Then came time to pay. Here is where some of you will think “What a stoner moment”. We had both forgotten our wallets. My companion had to run home and ended up just bringing the car back. We finally then payed for our food and left. For the next hour we were making subtle jokes about our stupidity and what a good time we had.

What lesson is there to be learned from this? Get high, go to a restaurant, but make sure you have everything you need ready to go, before you actually leave.