High Love Erotic Edibles Review by 1906

It is definitely not 1906 anymore. The sexual revolution has come and gone. We have been liberated. And over 100 years later we even recognize the LGBT community. Now, a new revolution is taking place, erotic edibles. The legalization of marijuana is still in its infancy. However, leaps and bounds have been made in a very short period of time.

Research and studies have led to various medical applications with cannabis. And one of the newer discoveries is that cannabis aids in sexual arousal. And companies like 1906 are leading the way to a better day.

Let’s Get it On

High Love Erotic Edibles Review by 1906High Love is a marijuana edible specifically designed for arousal. It may sound hard to believe at first. But it’s true and it works. There are many aphrodisiacs that occur naturally. High Love is a combination of some of the most potent arousal plants on Earth. They combine to help you stand at attention or intensify pleasure and orgasm.  

The folks at 1906 start with Blue Dream cannabis strain. This is known to have effects of heightened sensation and euphoria while also relieving anxiety and causing physical relaxation. These are good things when you’re trying to get up to the task of sex.

Their yummy chocolate balls also contain 5 other proven aphrodisiacal herbs and plants. Damiana is used to curb inhibition. This is great for that first time when you’re too nervous to perform. Catuba is used as well which is known to boost sexual desire. They also use a famous plant from South America called Muira Puama. This is also known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.” That should be self-explanatory. They throw in some theobromine for energy. Theobromine is like natural caffeine. And what erotic edible would be complete without Ashwagandha? This aids with reducing stress and boosting libido.

High Love Erotic Edibles Review

High Love is dark milk chocolate covered coffee beans. It doesn’t get any more delicious when it comes to medication, I can tell you that. They come in two dosages, 5 mg or 20 mg. Each chocolate ball contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, or 20 mg respectively.

These erotic edibles are fantastic and have rapid activation. Aside from being delicious and made from only the finest ingredients, you would expect from a premium confectioner, they do their job. So you can do your job. Enjoy a couple of these artisanal delights and you won’t believe how good sex can be. If you’ve been with the same partner for a long time High Love can literally save your relationship.

I would put this product right up there with Viagra. Except High Love is 100% natural. So, for those reasons we give our High Love Erotic Edibles Review a Big Hard thumbs up!