Cannabis is in the air! You love it, but don’t want others to know. How can you hide it?

Use a “Doob Tube”:

This can also be known as a “Sploof”. You can simply take a toilet paper roll, or paper towel roll, and stuff it with dryer sheets or fabric of some sort lightly sprayed with febreeze, Than simply exhale the smoke through it.

Invest in an air purifier:

This is especially great for those who prefer to smoke inside, as the smell of stale smoke can quickly accumulate in carpets and upholstery.

Try Vaping:

Vaping is a great alternative to the average doobie. You can buy an inexpensive vape pen for 30$-50$, or a multi-use vape pen for around 200$.


Be mindful of your hair:

Keep in mind if you have longer hair, it is much more likely the smell will grasp on. If you have long hair try pulling it back or even throwing a beanie over it.

Go outside:

Odours are naturally ridden in UV rays, so go ahead and soak up the sun for 30-45 minutes.


When cooking with cannabis the easiest way to cover the smell is a spray, scented candles, or anything listed above. One of the most obvious ways is just to keep it covered the entire time. Another simple way is to turn this into an all-day cook-off! When you are done cooking whatever was one your mind, make some munchie food to cover the smell! Onion, garlic, and different types of foods are all great at covering up smells.


Lastly, what do you do when the weed is just so dank that it smells just sitting around? You invest in smell-proof storage. They come in jars, bags, and smell-proof prescription bottles that come in all different shapes, sizes, colours… Pretty much anything you want!