Hero Grinder Review

It’s time to put your nose to the Grindstone. So, let’s get grinding. It’s never been easier, more convenient or done more effectively. Our Hero Grinder Review shows how Hero makes the coolest grinder you will ever see or use in your entire life. They guarantee it. In fact, they guarantee it for life. Everyone needs a Hero. If you have been looking for a Hero in your life, you just found it.

Let’s Grind it Out

Hero Grinder ReviewNo matter how you use your weed you need to grind it up. I spent decades doing it by hand. Many hours were spent trying to break up buds and remove twigs. It was cumbersome and no matter how long I worked it was never good enough. I would roll joints that would never burn easily. Or the joint would fall apart because the buds were too moist and not able to burn smoothly. When I got to college I discovered what a grinder was. They were great to have. However, they were far from perfect. That has changed. The Hero Grinder is the best grinder you will ever use. It is so easy to fill and grind it almost does it itself.

What Makes Hero Grinder So Great?

The Grinder is made of medical grade aluminum and it is built to last. In fact, Hero offers a lifetime guarantee. You’re probably thinking that just means the housing unit. Surely, the blades will eventually dull as they have on every other grinder I have ever owned. But you would be mistaken. Hero also guarantees the blades for life. These blades will never dull and they are sharp and extremely effective.

The grinder has a big 2.5” diameter which is fantastic when you have to break up substantial amounts of weed. The medical grade aluminum means it will never rust, fall apart or dull. Their newly designed bottom also makes cleaning super easy. And to make the deal even sweeter they throw it a cool scraper. And finally, the Grinder is very sexy. It comes in an awesome array of sleek colours like Space Grey, Champagne, Silver, Red, and their Signature Black.

Grinders might seem like a simple standard item. But trust me, a quality grinder will not only make your life easier but your entire smoking experience will be vastly improved. You will love your Hero. And best of all it will love you back, for the rest of your life.