If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further. Our Hero GO Vaporizer Review is about to change the way you smoke marijuana forever. This highly portable convection vaporizer out does the competition across the board. Amsterdam Glass and Vapes has quickly become recognized as the industry leader in innovation and technological advances.

You will not find a better performing vaporizer on the market today. Nor will you find a vaporizer that allows you as much control in personalizing your vaping experience. I have tried many vaporizers and can honestly say the Hero Go far exceeds the competition. I love my Crafty, my Pax 3 and my Firefly 2. The irony is none hold a candle to my Hero Go and they all cost almost twice the price. Go Figure.

Hero GO Vaporizer Review

We have no time to waste here on fluff or extra verbiage. The Hero speaks for itself. First off, it is one of the simplest and user friendly designs I have had the joy of trying out. Moreover the quality is top shelf. Hero uses smart-chip technology which assures for the best possible vaping experience that you can have with any vaporizer in any price range. Add the highest grade lithium-ion battery available and you’re off to a pretty impressive start. How they are able to sell this for under $200 is beyond me. Nonetheless they have figured it out, so lucky us.

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A full LED display makes vaping easier than ever before. You are able to easily see temperature setting, battery life and more at glance. Another impressive feature is the all-ceramic heating chamber. The GO also boasts the largest 360 degree heating coil in the industry. This allows for a very even burn with almost zero waste. This is in part due to the fact that the temperature range is an impressive 200 degrees to 428 degrees and burns from all sides. You simply find the setting that suits your needs and the Go does the rest.

I really am impressed at how the GO is top shelf in every aspect. The bowl is huge and can hold enough bud to last you for as long as you are out of the house. I don’t even bring my bag with me when I am on the road. That is one less hassle. More than that, the battery is the longest lasting I have ever used. I charged my GO on Sunday night and didn’t need to recharge until Wednesday night. I would like to see my Pax do that.

Hero GO Vaporizer Review – Conclusion

It was quickly apparent to me why the Hero Go so quickly has become the industry leader and standard setter. The design alone is all about portability and discretion. Those are two of the most important features in a vaporizer that I am going to take out of the safety of my home. But far more important is the functionality. Honestly no vaporizer comes close. I have saved a fortune on herb. In two months the amount of dry herb I have saved has covered the cost of my Go.

Finally, and perhaps most impressive, is the price. At $199.99 you simply can not go wrong. I have purchased lesser products for as much as twice even three times as much. None out perform my Hero GO. I do not usually rave about products like this unless I really mean it. And I really mean it. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. I will be first in line. My┬áHero GO Vaporizer Review gets an obvious Big Thumbs Up.

Get one and send me some feedback. I can pretty much guarantee you will agree with me. As far as quality, technology, battery life, design and over all enjoyment go, you simply can not get a better vaporizer at any price. Toke on my Friends!