HERO Bong - HarmonyEvery one needs a Hero. I have a new one. The fine folks at Hero Love have dropped the best bong I have ever used. I normally do not get this emotional about reviewing a product. It really has to out perform the field for me to get this excited. And I am. My hope is only that my Hero Bong Review can do this bad boy the justice it deserves. I have lots of bongs and bubblers and I am pretty discerning when it comes to how I toke my dry herbs and oil concentrates. Hero Love’s newest bong suits me perfectly, and for all the right reasons.

I was a beach party a couple of weeks ago with a group of mostly musicians. So you know the herb was flowing freely. Then, one of the guys asked if I would help him grind the next bag of fat purple buds. I was happy to help. He handed me a Hero Grinder. I was really impressed with the quality. In fact it was the nicest grinder I have ever used. My interest peaked, I figured I would go home and seek out the website to get myself one for home. And that is when I saw the Hero Bong. I bought both. If you are interested in wholesale bongs they are well priced.

Hero Bong Review

Hero Bong ReviewI chose the Bliss model for a number of reasons. Reason one is the craftsmanship. I like the thick high quality glass. It is heavy and durable. I really like that it is small but sturdy. It is only about 10 inches tall. My first thought was that it would smoke hot being on the short side. But that was not the case at all.

First of all, I was impressed before even opening my new bong. I could see the quality and time that went into the cool solid black case. The Hero Love logo looked sharp right on the box. I opened the kit and was thrilled to see that they had included two bowls. I love that. My last bong only came with one and I broke it in less than a week. I have never been able to use it again as I can’t find a replacement.

I got my Bliss out. Then I packed it. And I lit up. And man what a smooth draw. I took another. Just as smooth and cool, very impressive. The Bliss uses a “hot tub percolater” to start the filtering process. The hot tub breaks up the smoke into tiny bubbles that cool off the smoke. Thus beginning the process. But that is only the start.

The smoke then moves on to the Spash Guard Percolators that further cool and break down the smoke. This recylcing creates a smoothness you will not get in your average bong or bubbler. One feature that really impresses me is that the splash guard percolator not only cools your smoke but it keeps the water from getting into your mouth.Hero Bong Review

Hero Bong Review – Conclusion

Everyone needs SuperHeros. The Bliss Bong from Hero is mine. It feels so great to buy a poduct online without really knowing what you may or may not get. And to then recieve this amazing bong is so gratifying. For only $149.99 you can’t go wrong. I have bought much lesser quality bongs for almost twice the price.

This high performing water filtration system comes in 3 very cool colors, Ice Blue, Arctic White and the one I got, the famous Signature Shield. I dig the simplicity of their understated logo. These bongs will last you forever. The solid build and functionality is so amazing. You will never need to buy another. More than anything else is the smoothness. The smoke that you inhale is the coolest and smoothest you will ever enjoy. I hope you enjoyed our Hero Bong Review.

We all have a Superhero inside of us. You just need the courage to put on the cape. So get off your ass and do yourself a huge and well deserved favor. And get yourself a Hero Bong today. You will not regret it.