Hermosa Farm Lemonade Marijuana Edibles ReviewTime to get out on the porch, grab that rocking chair and grab a cold lemonade. Life doesn’t get any better  than that people. After reading our Hermosa Farm Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review, you will feel the same way. This all natural lemonade will quench your thirst and your need to let go of all the stress of your day.

It wasn’t so long ago that my brother and I would set up or little wooden lemonade stand in the front yard on hot summer afternoons and try to make money, so we could go play video games at the pizza shop. OK, it was a long time ago. And my idea of a refreshing lemonade has changed considerably, thanks to our friends at Hermosa Farms.

These days I get home from work, pop on some reggae and the wife brings me a nice big glass of lemonade on the rocks. Also, I now add a couple shots of vodka. Why not? Then I kick back and write reviews for you guys as the high slowly takes hold on my body and mind. All the stress of the day washes away as the sweet lemon drink cools off my throat. The days of burning joints are, for the most part, behind me now. And I couldn’t be happier.

Hermosa Farm Lemonade Marijuana Edibles ReviewHermosa Farm Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review

I really enjoy this THC beverage. The taste is just like home made freshly squeezed lemons with just the right amount of sugar. Who doesn’t like a cold lemonade? Also, the ability to get a nice buzz without having to inhale smoke is something that has literally changed my life. I also, enjoy Cherry Quencher. Which you can read my review for right here Cannabis Quencher Cherry Beverage Marijuana Edibles Review

There are a couple of downsides to buying this product. Firstly, it costs 15 dollars for a 10 oz bottle. Secondly, they say all natural. But the ingredients say “light corn syrup.” That is not healthy. Also, the THC level is not noted. The CBD is however at 20 mgs. That is a lot. Therefore this is a medical, more than recreational, beverage. Overall, not a bad drink though.