For the consumer Herijuana is a delightful Indica that is an excellent choice for magic meditation. With THC levels reaching up to 25% this potent plant supplies relaxation in both body and mind. This Indica dominant hybrid is a the conclusion of generations of cross breeding of Petrolia Headstash and New Haven. It is truly a unique example of super genetic slicing to create a very powerful herb that has many medical uses. We shall see in this Herijuana review.

Herijuana Review – Body and Mind

Herijuana Review - Nature's Healing Herb 1This strain we have effects of euphoria, happiness, energetic and creative although more than a few hits will leave you couch locked.   Customers will love that Herijuana buds. Covered in an abundance of trichomes, which produce a earthy sandalwood like aroma. This is one of the most powerful herbs I have ever smoked. I would not recommend smoking it everyday because it might be Monday and you will think it’s Saturday! Definitely not a strain for a beginner smoker. I know of someone who had never smoked and tried herijuana and stared at a plastic potted plant for over an hour and was speaking Cantonese rapidly although he had never heard it before!

Nature’s Healing Herb

Herijuana has it’s origins in California and backcrosses the strain for 3 generations. This creates a potent mind – body sensation which is unlike anything you have ever tried. The body numbing aspects of this can be very useful in the medical field. It can help relieve body aches and pains, and other conditions such as depression, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety and nausea. Also other medical conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit disorder). With ongoing medical research, doctors and scientific researchers are finding new ways to treat conditions. It has been shown, Cannabis use can sometimes eliminate the harmful side effects of  pharmaceuticals and their side effects. Moreover, hopefully some of the restrictions of bureaucracy’s red tape will be lifted to show the true potential. Nature’s healing herb has the potential to help millions. Cannabis alternatives will be of great value.