Hercules Bong Kit ReviewThe Hercules Bong is one of the biggest, or should I say Herculean, on the market. At 25 inches tall and equipped with two separate percolators, you will be the Strongman at any party. Grav Labs left out no details in this Stax Bong. This mammoth Bong includes every extra imaginable in a percolator. Let’s familiarize ourselves with all of it in today’s Hercules Bong Kit Review.

First, the cost is $399.00 dollars. You might think that is expensive, and it is. However, it’s well worth it if it stands up to the competition. For starters, The Hercules is one of the biggest glass bong percolators I have come across in my travels.

Hercules Bong Kit Review – Specs

Here are the meassurements. All in she stands at 25 inches. The flare base is 7 inches and includes the showerhead percolator and coil.  The Halo perc filter, the coil perc filter and the mouth piece are all 7 inches as well. And the mouthpiece is bent at a perfect 45 degree angle. There are also 3 joint clamps that measure 34mm.

Hercules Bong Kit ReviewThe real selling point and thing that sets The Hercules apart is the double percolator system. This means you spark up you green buds. First, the water cools the buds. Then through the first percolator and then incycled through the other. One can easily surmise that this should deliver the smoothest and coolest hit possible. And it does.

Grav Labs is the leader in inovation when it comes to state of the art Bongs and Bubblers. The Stax Hercules is no exception. In fact, in my opinion, it is their Tour de Force. The bigger the bong the longer it takes the smoke to get to your mouth.

Simple math shows us that the longer it takes to get to you, the cooler the hit will be. Water filtration further cuts the heat. Then percolating continues the process. A secondary percolator means that the cooling process further perfects your experience. And it is. If you have had a cooler or smoother hit, please, I implore you to let me know, so that I can buy it. Then try it. And then reveiw it.

Flex your muscles and your credit card and take a trip to Mt Olympus today and feel like a God yourself. The Stax Hercules Bong is a force to be reckoned with.