Happy day to you all my friends and welcome to my Herbalizer Vaporizer Review. This thing is off the charts ! The days of toking out of a small cob pipe and rolling papers are a thing of the past. Get ready to be transported to the distant future. The Herbalizer Vaporizer is straight out of some Star Wars movie Disco Bar. In reality, real NASA scientists actually designed this. They have created a dual-function aromatherapy/vapor device that employs both dry herbs and concentrates. This is not for beginners Folks ! And for those of you who are big fans of The Volcano, like myself, you just may have a new favourite device.

Herbalizer Vaporizer ReviewHerbalizer Vaporizer Review – What the Hell is is this Thing ?

The Herbalizer is a  powerful and innovative vaporizing machine. It’s very futuristic looking and designed to impress your friends. You can actually open the hood and fill an entire room with your choice of aroma therapy. Or use your dry herb to ensure that your guests have a very pleasant and mellow evening. Just make sure the kitchen is stocked up with Doritos, Cheetos, soda and beer!

The heating element is more powerful than the Volcano. Also, it beats out the Volcano for fan speed and sound. It is quieter, but it tends to rattle if the fan speed is too high. That is one of the few draw backs. And, it is a surprising draw back due to the science, time and thought that has gone into it’s production.

And like most quality desktop vaporizers, you can choose between whips and balloons.

Herbalizer – Specifications

Opening the unit for the first time is a lot of fun. I felt like a kid opening my gifts from Santa Claus on Xmas morning. There are 4 buttons inside. And, they are easy to use and understand. There’s the temperature up and down button, the Aromatherapy button, the Vaportherapy button, and the fan button. If you feel overwhelmed at first, don’t worry. It is easier than it looks. Plus, the prompts on the colour screen let you know exactly what each setting is designed.

Herbalizer Vaporizer ReviewThe brain of Herbie (that’s what I have nicknamed my Herbalizer) is powered by a 16 bit 32 MHz processor. The entire design is unique, including the wide set heating chamber which actually uses a Halogen bulb. As a result, extreme accurate temperature control that starts at 143 degrees Celsius and climbs to an impressive 229 Celsius.

It is clear that these guys from NASA are trying to set themselves apart from the pack. And, probably more than anything else, win over the Volcano dedicated. But have they succeeded? Well, that’s why we have an Herbalizer Vaporizer Review, right?

So, some of the pluses include the over all look and discreet design. Flip the lid up and there’s all your parts contained within the unit. I like that a a lot. The whip wraps around the outer edge of the device.  And the tools, like the stash box, brushes, aromatherapy disks, a cheese grater tool, and essential oil storage are all right there. But for all this, should you buy yourself a Herbie ?


Herbalizer Vaporizer ReviewHerbalizer Vaporizer Review – To Buy or not to Buy ?

The Herbalizer really needed to blow me away. It didn’t. My expectations were admittedly pretty high, having paid $700 dollars. However, there were quiet a few shortcomings that really were unacceptable.

First of all, the connection of the tube is poorly designed. And, it repeatedly comes loose and falls out. I do not like that. Worse, the balloon leaks. Really? The lid doesn’t even sit flush when closed. How is that possible?

And, the lid is made of a really cheap and flimsy plastic. Again, I ask How? Why?

I love an LED display but mine flickers. First, I thought I might have gotten a lemon until I went and read some other reviews. And, it turns out it ain’t just me.

And finally, the worst part is the rattling. The Herbalizer is fast and exceptionally quiet. Why wouldn’t they turn one more screw and eliminate the annoying rattle?

Come on NASA you could easily do better. My guess is that over the next few years they will rectify these simple issues. Then, they will then have the best vaporizer in the world. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. Sorry guys. At $700 bucks I have to pass.