HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer Review

Today we are doing our HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer Review. This is a unique “tri-functional” unit that is unlike anything else you may have tried previously. Of course it is a standard vaporizer that allows the user to use the traditional draw method. But, you will be happy to learn you can also use whips and/or ballons. The multi-functionality is what really makes The Aire H3 worth taking a look at.

When it comes to desktops I look for vapor quality and functionality. Just about anyone who takes vaping seriously owns a desktop for private use. So, the big selling point here is the fact that you have a solid desktop for home use that doubles (well triples) as a fun group vaping machine that will be the hit of any and all dinner parties at your place. Let’s take a look at the H3 and see what it is all about and how it works.

HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer Review

Herbal Aire H3 Vaporizer ReviewMy first hit from the H3 was heavenly. I have not gotten better clouds from any desktop including The Volcano or The Exteme Q. The Aire H3 has what they call the “crucible” in which you pack your dry herb. Another interesting and delightful feature is the fact that you do not grind your materials. In fact, they want you to pack in the entire bud nice and tight. Usually, in almost all other vaporizers, they suggest you pack lightly to allow air flow, not the case here.

The Aire H3 has a what they call “espresso mode.” And it actually is like using one of the home espresso machines where you pop the coffee grinds in the top of the percolator. This allows the heat up to pass through and burn your flowers really nicely.

I found using the direct draw the best method for evenly burnt, tasty and fat vapor clouds. The whip is more or less the same. It is really just a matter of taste.  I personally do not care for the balloon method as it requires the fan. And for me it is a tedious process. But again, that is just me. The balloon is obviously more of what I call  “party-mode vaping.”

HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer Review – Specifics

The Aire H3 functions well using an analog temperature dial and inflation pump. And it comes with a whole lot of parts and accessories. For balloon vaping they send you 10 bags. That is way more than I have gotten from any other company. So that is pretty cool. I like that too because they get gross after a short time and having to order more bags is a pain in the ass. All the other parts are really just stand mouthpieces, cleaning tools and typical vaping essentials that come with every desktop.

The craziest feature is the multi-ballon capability. You can actually fill up to 5 bags at once. Now, if you live in a dorm room of a house full of room mates you are going to be one popular dude. That is for sure. This is a little gimmicky for me as I can’t imagine how many people need to be vaporizing at one time. I have not tried to multi- balloon myself but from what I have seen it actually does work. Herbal Aire H3 Vaporizer Review

Is The HerbalAire H3 Worth it ?

As far as a decent vaporizer goes the H3 is a solid machine that is well crafted and functions well. The price is certainly within reasonable parameters for what you get and for how well it performs. So, there is no issue there as far as value is concerned. In my opinion, The Aire H3 is more for the younger crowd. I am a bit older and I vape regularly. I do not have keg parties anymore where dozens of guys are tyring to get high at the same time. So it is really more than I need. I do however like the tri-functionality. And I am sure that would benefit just about anyone, from the occasional private vapor to the night club owner.

The biggest reason I give this HerbalAire H3 Vaporizer Review my stamp of approval is the fact that you can pick one up for as little as $219.00 dollars. That is less than the price a of small bag is dry herbs. So the price certainly makes the investment worth the risk. The H3 vapes really well as a hand held. It works great with whips. And the balloon option is great fun, especially using 5 at a time. I think that is really a great idea that would make any party legendary. So, I easily recommend giving it a shot. Happy Vaping my Friends!