Hempstar ReviewHempstar is also known as Brainstorm is a product of Dutch Passion Seeds. This fine herb is a shout out to all those in the hemp industry. This Sativa is a three way mix of Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. A very happy herb indeed with a energetic, uplifting, euphoric and focused traits. I find this very good choice for social situations and it provides me with energy to get things done. Also being a musician I find it great for jam sessions. You can tell I really like weed and music in this Hempstar Review.

Hempstar Review

Music and weed go hand in hand. After playing drums in various bands for many years I can tell you I have not met many rockers who don’t enjoy a toke or two. From my experience when I would show up for practice I would always have a bit of a buzz on. Always with a Sativa like Hempstar and in the last few years Hempstar itself. Also I find I will be more creative and invent new styles of fills that I would not have tried if it was not more the mind expanding herb.

Back in the 90’s our band would play gigs with other bands and there would always be spliff’s being passed around backstage. One thing about smoking pot and playing live though is you don’t want to stoned because it can interfere with your performance. Maybe guitar players can but drummers cannot afford to make a mistake because it will fuck up the whole song. In my personal opinion Rock and Roll would never have been the same without the influence of creativity of cannabis. Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature and I’m sure cannabis played a big role in writing those great lyrics. Dylan introduced weed to the Beatles in the mid 60’s.

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Hempstar has natural medicinal attributes that include uses for insomnia, stress, depression, stress and lack of appetite.