Hempire Rolling Papers ReviewHemp is the only paper I want to use when I roll a joint. There is really no dancing around that issue. I am smoking marijuana. And if my rolling paper can be manufactured by the very same product as the buds I am smoking, with no chemicals, then I truly can’t see any other viable option. Can you? I am excited about this Hempire Rolling Papers Review because it is honest and straight forward.

When I started smoking joints it was almost impossible for me to choke down a hit. All that was available at that time were Jokers and Zig Zags. They got the job done. But I hated the burn. Things have changed dramatically. No one knew back then about health risks. At least not any where near as we do now. The health craze wouldn’t hit the States for many years to come.

Well, I wasn’t about to wait 20 years until some company started making healthy and all natural rolling papers. So, I smoked joint after joint rolled in chemically treated papers for years. Each time in hurt me. To this day my throat hurts and is very sensitive to pot smoking. Even if I use an ice bong it still hurts. Those damn big corporations and their lack of concern for our health really piss me off. But thank God we now have Hempire.

Hempire Rolling Papers ReviewHempire Rolling Papers Review

Hempire is all natural. That about sums it up. They use all natural gum that comes right out of rubber plants. I love the company. They pride themselves on being a green company, ecofriendly and that matters to me. They don’t kill trees people. That matters too.

What also matters is that the papers are great quality and burn slow. They’re also super thin so less bad going in your lungs and more good.

I love these papers. They are the only ones I use when I have a choice. My throat thanks me and so does Mother Earth.