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Hemp vs Cotton? This is a fascinating topic. Really it’s maddening. Mostly it’s the perfect example of powerful corporations hold power over reason. Hemp beats cotton on all fronts. The benefits to the economy, your health and the health of our planet are endless. But of course the cotton industry has been around a lot longer. Hence the reason we still use cotton at all to this day. But hemp does everything cotton does, only better. Let’s dig a little deeper and see how and why Hemp vs Cotton No Contest Hemp Wins is just that. No contest. Hemp wins!

The Benefits of Cotton

The cotton Industry has long touted this textile as “The fabric of our lives.” And truth be told, it is and has been for the last 100 years. Almost all clothing manufacturers in the United States and Europe use cotton as their primary textile. Of course, this is primarily due to the fact that Cotton is King. They have the lawyers, the money and the clout to stay on top and squash their rival, Hemp. And as far as the battle of Cotton vs Hemp goes that is where it ends.

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Hemp is Better Than Cotton

This is not new news. Hemp was widely used for 1000’s of years. However, the smart marketers over at Cotton Central made sure to classify Hemp with cannabis. And thereby make it just as illegal and vilified as marijuana. Fortunately with the United States decriminalizing weed on almost a daily basis the doors have again swung open to Hemp production. The people have also realized how much more eco-friendly Hemp is. And the hope is that Hemp vs Cotton will become a thing of the past.

We live in the age of Climate change and a resurgence in environmental mindfulness. Cotton uses harmful chemicals that are not needed in hemp production. In fact, cotton alone accounts for over 16% of all pesticides used in the entire world. Yet cotton only makes up about 2% of the world’s crops. This is unacceptable when nature has the perfect alternative right at our finger tips. But the USA industry cashed in by utilizing slavery to mass produce their wares with no regard for human life or the health of our only planet. We have made great gains in both of these areas. But we have a long way to go. Modern day slavery consists of us, the consumers, held captive by the long established oligarchy. But a new day is on the horizon.

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Hemp Production

Our Hemp vs Cotton No Contest Hemp Wins Blog proves Hemp is King. It’s production and applications far exceed those of cotton. For starters, Hemp requires less than half the territory that is needed by cotton growers. Hemp also requires a fraction of the water needed during production. To make a single cotton T shirt, like the one you’re probably wearing right now, requires over 5000 gallons of water. Imagine that if you will. How many cotton T shirts hit the market each day? Yes, a lot! 300 liters of water for Hemp and over 10,000 for Cotton.

Hemp is organic and thereby uses only a third of the energy to yield almost a third more product. Again, it exposes cotton for the fraud that it actually is. This benefits real profits and makes one wonder how much longer cotton can remain on top. The hope is that with the sweeping legalization of cannabis laws that Hemp production will skyrocket in the next 20 years. And will hopefully de-throne it’s nefarious nemesis.

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Benefits of Hemp Products

Firstly, a Hemp shirt lasts much longer than it’s cotton counterpart. In fact Hemp clothing doesn’t wear out at all. The truth is it actually ages and softens. Nothing is more comfortable the more you use it and wash it. Take that Cotton! And that’s just the start. The weaving process varies depending on the application. Clothes are finely woven to produce soft yet durable products. Textiles like rope and other commercial applications utilize a heavy weave. One amazing property is that hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria. Try that with a cotton rope. Also, cotton does not perform well when wet. Where as, Hemp holds all it’s strength, wet or dry.

Hemp was widely used in all sorts of industries prior to it’s vilification. Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 with Hemp sails. Also, the first durable blue jeans designed by Levi Strauss were also made of hemp fibre. The armies of the North and South slept in Hemp tents and the discovery of wild west was aided by hemp covered wagons. So, what happened? Slavery happened. Then marijuana was criminalized. And the rest is history. For the economic, environmental, and useful advantages it offers as a textile crop, hemp deserves to reclaim its position as the fabric of our future.

Hemp VS Cotton

Hemp vs Cotton No Contest Hemp Wins

Hemp ‘s far more cost effective. So as far as industry goes you can make more money with hemp than cotton. Hemp is sustainable and far more eco-friendly. So either way hemp is King. Laws should be passed. Protect us and the only planet we have. If this were the case Hemp would be the number one textile industry on Earth. However, like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, money is the real King. Very few industries care about your health or the state of our world. We need to leave a world for our children. And Hemp is one way we can move in the right direction. Now you know, “Hemp vs Cotton No Contest Hemp Wins.” So choose Hemp and start making a difference!