Hemlock Marijuana Strain ReviewI doubt any of you would know what Hemlock was if it weren’t for Socrates drinking a crock and dying one of the most famous deaths in History. And now we have a Hemlock strain. Don’t worry it will not kill you. Although this hybrid is a cross breeding of Durban Poison and LA Confidential, it’s not real poison like the Hemlock of old. Let’s see exactly what is is in today’s Hemlock Marijuana Strain Review.

I remember reading Socrates when I studied at Harvard many years ago. I took a great Philosophy class called ” The Ancient Thought of Man.” It was a truly fascinating class. Also I was able somehow to pull off an A in the class. Well, to be honest I know how I got through it. I smoked a boat load of weed. I believe there are very few philosophy students that don’t smoke pot on a daily basis.

My philosophy is that the world would be a far better place if we all smoked marijuana. There really is no question. All my pot smoking friends are down to earth, loving and compassionate people. Pot smokers are not the same breed of animal as all the hateful angry maniacs I see on the news on TV everyday. They could use some real Hemlock. Then the world would know real peace.

Hemlock Marijuana Strain Review

Hemlock Marijuana Strain ReviewWorld peace starts with a 21% THC  sativa dominant strain. It’s really that simple. And a good sativa delivers euphoria, uplifting sensations and an over all sense of well being. Therefore it really is not a joke people. This is the solution.

First of all one of the nice things about Hemlock is that it’s one of the highest yielding plants you can grow yourself. Secondly, it is resistant to disease and flowers in about 60 days. And finally, the buds are super dank and huge. And if you like dank resin Hemlock will not let you down.

The taste is also quite unique and really potent. Smoke this outside if you’re worried about people discovering what you’re up to in the back room. It is hard to really describe the taste. It comes on like grapefruit but finishes with an ammonia type after taste.

Hemlock is an over all decent hybrid. It is not the strongest strain. So it makes for a good every day strain. And it is not the best tasting. Finally, I would rate it average.