Say “Hello” to our Hello Ganja Crispy Bites Marijuana Edibles Review. Then bite into a high end Crispy Bite. For $249.00 dollars Hello Ganja will serve you up the finest dessert on the medical edible market today. That’s right folks 10 delectable Chocolate delights packed with 75 mgs of THC each. So say, “Hello.”

When is comes to cannabis edibles there are endless applications. There are the true medicals and the true recreational. Well kids, Crispy Bites are for fun and spoiling yourself. And although I realize they have medical value a real patient would be better off with low dosage methods.


If you like spoil your guests or just enjoy fine dining and elegant desserts, like me, then bite into a Crispy. Pamper yourself completely. Get rid of the kids, draw a bubble bath and put on some Miles Davis and kick back. Then, when the two of you are alone, just the two of you, you and Crispy can relax. It doesn’t get any better.

Hello Ganja Crispy Bites Marijuana Edibles Review

Imagine an ocassion if you will where you’re celebrating with 10 friends, all friends of Mary Jane. And you serve up some champagne and a Crispy Bite on a cute little saucer with a dainty doily. Yes, I am that gay when it comes to dinner parties. If you’re familiar with my reviews you know how seriously I take this shit. I love busting out an awesome dessert that ends up turning a good night into a fun fest of laughter and great times. And trust me people, it works every time.

Each Crispy Bite is pure chocolate bliss infused with coconut oil cannabis. The marshmallow combined with dark chocolate is fantastic. When you add unsweetened puff rice and Stevia and sea salt you have a legendary confection. Gummies and brownies just won’t do it after you ruin yourself on one of these. So if you can afford $249.00 for a special dessert for friends, your search just ended. You’re welcome!