Helix Multi Pipe ReviewThis is a 3 in 1 Multi Pipe that is unlike anything I have ever seen. It begs that I offer you all a Helix Multi Pipe Review. I am a man of many moods. Therefore, I might love something one day and be totally sick of it the next. I took Shakesphere’s words to heart many years ago, when he penned, “Variety is the Spice of Life.” Nothing is more true. And it really applies to just about everything in life.

So, when I discovered this pipe I knew right away it would serve me well. Some days I feel like a sweet desktop vaporizer and sitting on the couch all day. Other days I feel social and want to be out in the sun all day. Those days I need a vape pen or some small portable. And most other times I just feel like using water filtration to reduce the burn and my chances of cancer. So, I got myself this 3 in 1. Let see if it was worth it.

Helix Multi Pipe Review

The Helix is a glass pipe but it is also a bong too, sort of. It morphs into what ever you need it to be at any given time. It is a bong  if you attach the funnel shaped Nano, But that’s not all folks there is also an attachment to turn The Helix into a one-hitter. I know , it is crazy. Grav labs really knows how to manufacture glass pipes. The best feature by far is that the pipe has a Venturi Chamber, And, if you studied phyics in school you may know what that means. If not, allow me to elaborate.

 Helix Multi Pipe ReviewWhat is a Venturi Chamber?

A Venturi Chamber creates a swirling vortex. OK, have I lost you yet? Allow me to translate, The best quality glass pipe or bong is one that has the ability to cool the air before you inhale it. Well, a swirling vortex does just that it literally spins the heat out of the smoke. How cool is that ? You are burning dry herbs but at the same time, you want what you inhale to be as cool as possible. But, your average glass pipe is short. And, it gives a direct hit. So, this means you get one hell of a hot throat hit. Grav Labs uses this amazing scientific principal to lessen the blow and highten your pleasure.

Should you Buy the Helix?

This is a fun pipe. The cost is around $129.99 dollars. If you were to buy three different products, a pipe, a bubbler and a spoon, you would be hard pressed to get a quality one for under $40 dollars. So, to combine it in a quality 3 in 1 is pretty special. Grav Labs does it again. In conclusion, I simply say Thanks and Hope you enjoyed our Helix Multi Pipe Review. Should you buy? I think it is a neat and fun pipe. But honeslty, I would prefer one really good pipe.